Gaming Weekend To Come

While I write, I read. Not the same as the Reading Recharge. This time I am reading rules to games I am hoping to try this weekend. What games you ask? Machi Koro, don’t you already play that you are saying, yes, but now we have Millionaire’s Row. From what I can tell by reading the rules there are more properties and the ability to stall other players by giving them properties they may not want or shutting down properties for repairs. What two of is (Barb and I) are hoping is that the Leech Strategy of our boy takes a hit or two.

Other rules I have been reading include Shadowrun Crossfire. I want to give this game a try because it seems to combine character building like Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with deck building games in a cooperative atmosphere. DC Deck Building is our favorite deck building game, but it is not as interactive as we like. Which is why DC Deck Building hasn’t been played as often as it used to be. Shadowrun puts the players on a team, with a goal, and obstacles to overcome. If the rules read like the game plays, players will have to work together to win. Like deck building games, players start with the same deck at the start of each game. Unlike deck building games, players can upgrade their characters. These upgrades stay with the character from game to game.

Another game we are hoping to play this weekend, is Pandemic State of Emergency. I have not read these rules. Pandemic is Barb’s game; she’s the pharmacist to be and Pandemic seems like a game that pharmacists play at meetings. She tells me that there is a pharmacist role. Beyond that I have to wait to play.

Lastly, Star Wars Imperial Assault Twin Suns. WHOOO HOOO! The Empire finally gets a storm trooper leader, storm troopers with heavy weapons that do not take a team of three to move, and storm troopers have access to upgrades that make them more than targets for Rebel guns. I read that the rebels got stuff too, but I could care less as the rebels are SCUM! I look forward to tightening my grasp and having a handful of squished rebels. 🙂

That sounds like a lot of games and I did not mention that Skulls and Shackles is set up on our gaming table. But we are a dedicated family of gamers and looking forward to playing as many as we can.


PaulThis is Paul Zube of the hashtag #zubetube, professor, and friend teaching class. That illustration on the white board is not a nascent kraken or Cthulu, but the internet. At least the backbone of the internet. As class progressed that illustration grew in size and scope. All because he was holding his first AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) and it was obvious that while people use the internet, they do not know how the internet works. It was a fascinating lesson and for the first AMAA damn good and fun.

I did learn about the internet, I should mention that. 🙂


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