Game Fatigue

For those with a weak constitution and children, game fatigue is a real thing. Game Fatigue is a serious condition that a cure must be found for. Not a treatment, but a cure. People of all constitutions and ages should be able to play games all day and night long. Alas, there is no cure or treatment. There is only…

Game Fatigue

Our My glorious plans and desire for a weekend of gaming came to a slow grinding halt last night after a rather disappointing game of Pandemic. After the two-hour epic of Machi Koro, which admitidely was a drain on the system we ate lunch of homemade Mac-n-Cheese (remind me to post that recipe). Batteries recharged we hopped into Skulls and Shackles.

Our gunslinger fell overboard and was replaced by a new and improved Sajan, a monk with a sword, and who swears he did not push the gunslinger overboard. How is Sajan improved? He can use weapons without feeling like the cards are a waste of space. In fact he is now focused on having weapons. Monk on deck we chased down the ship Man’s Promise and kicked the captain’s butt without any hassles.

As I have mentioned before, Pandemic is not my game. What that means is that unlike every other game in the house, see here for partial not recently updated list, where I learn and teach the rules, Pandemic Barb learns and teaches. We picked up State of Emergency, the latest expansion, and Barb was eager to play. Unfortunately, she does not have the same memory for rules that I do. This meant that instead of playing State of Emergency we played a normal game.

To be honest, it has been a while since we last played, so a normal game was necessary. And after the game, more normal games are likely in the works. However, while they set up the game I reread the Shadowrun Crossfire rules in preparation for the next game. I’m liking the rules for Crossfire, easy to read and the mechanic for overcoming obstacles is different enough to standout. Instead dealing X damage or use X skill, a series of damage, right skills, and effects are required in a specific order. Based on what I read, this should mean that a combination of player and character actions is necessary. But…

The Pandemic board looked great, only a few blue and black disease cubes. Yellow was nothing bad, but red…red disease covered most of Asia. Three turns in, blue disease was cured, not eradicated. Black was next, but before curing black and eradicating blue, two epidemics happened. Red exploded and set off a series of chain reactions. It went from half-way to victory, to gonna lose if something isn’t done quick.

We were not quick enough. Yellow got cured, but as yellow was being cured, red exploded a third time spreading the disease into North America and Europe…yep that bad. The kids, worn out after six hours of continous gaming and losing at Pandemic (always seems to take a lot out them) wanted a break. Their break, to go upstairs and watch Pokemon Black and White until bedtime. Between episodes, to come downstairs and tell us about Pokemon…ALL Pokemon.

Pokemon fatigue is real.


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