Lego Dimensions & A Tiny Robotech RPG Tactics Blurb

I just finished my first game of Lego Dimensions. If you are thinking about getting this game because you are a fan of Lego video games, Legos, family friendly games, or whatever other reason, do so. But do so with the knowledge that the game is expensive. In the same vein as Skylanders or Disney Infinity, there are a lot of character and world expansion packs and some of them are required if you want to do everything in the game. Unlike, Skylanders where you know you will need at least one of every element, what characters you will need is unknown until you encounter something.

Lego Dimensions is huge. There is a story mode where any of the figures-vehicles and accessories included, can play together. I watched Batman, Wildstyle, Homer Simpson, and the woman from Portal tear through Simpson world and a story level. Dimensions comes with three worlds: Middle-Earth, Batman, and Lego Movie. Other worlds can be opened with a character from that world (Ghostbusters, Scooby Do, Wizard of Oz, and Portal 2 to name a few). All characters (as noted above), can play in any world and story mode.

Like every other Lego game to date, characters collect studs, find mini-kits, find red and gold bricks, and smash everything in sight. All of the characters talk and there have been some really funny lines already, such as when Batman encounters Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion and Dorothy says, “What are you missing?” “A sense of humor,” replies Batman deadpan.

I have watched the kids blitz through at least six story levels and the Simpsons world. As per our children playing a Lego game they have unlocked NOTHING. I played through the first level, the Wizard of Oz. By the end of my trip through the first level, I learned the following:

  • You will need a character that can hack a computer
  • You will need a character that can track
  • You will need a character that can swim/water
  • You will need a character that can blow up silver bricks and one for gold
  • You will need a Ghostbuster. Yes, a Ghostbuster.
  • You will need these characters if you want ALL of the mini-kits and other hidden stuff.

None of these characters come with the base set. However, if you want to know what abilities each character has, there is an in-game function that shows all of the characters and what they can do. Not that helps when you encounter something you cannot do.

There are vehicles and accessories that come with each figure pack. The instructions for building are shown in game, such as when the kids progressed far enough in the Simpsons world they were shown instructions to build Homer’s car and television. If that wasn’t cool enough, each vehicle or accessory has three modes. You unlock the modes through spending studs to unlock abilities and collecting Gold Bricks. I have a black and red batmobile, with bright red wheels, green flame, and blue blaster bolts.

Despite the cost (it is Lego with several licensed lines) and needing to purchase characters with certain abilities, Lego Dimensions is a ton of fun and that is from me watching the kids play and playing one level. Very familiar and different at the same time.


I was going to write an update about Robotech RPG Tactics, but nothing has happened. Nothing at all. Better Business Bureau filings seem to have dried up and if any Attorney General or otherwise is making a move there is no sign. Palladium Books continues to NOT keep backers up to date, but in a sign that someone can learn the language at the top of the weekly ad-spam-sales sheet has changed to indicate that it is indeed an update of sorts. Alas, those say nothing at all other than Palladium Books is having a sale every week.



2 thoughts on “Lego Dimensions & A Tiny Robotech RPG Tactics Blurb

    1. Ankoku1331

      I saw that prices for main sets went down and that con-exclusives are for sale. Not sure what to make of it, beyond Palladium Books is trying to money. It would nice if Palladium Books would say something, which would give actions such as the near constant sales meaning.

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