Crotch Texting the First Amendment

There are times.

That is all I am saying, there are times.

You are familiar with the First Amendment, right? If you are not, could you, right this moment, stop reading and following this LINK and read about the First Amendment please. It will make me feel better.

I can wait.





Did you read about the First Amendment? If you did not, please do not tell me. If you did, I hope you learned something. Far too many people know nothing about the First Amendment other than, “Freedom of Speech” and assume that that means they can say whatever they want whenever and wherever they want.

It does not.

In general, I try NOT to think about what a person knows. However, there are times where what a person or people DO NOT know that reaches up and slaps me in the face. If we are talking about neurosurgery or nuclear fission or the…well something smart that does not start with an n, I understand not knowing and learning.

When it comes to something as fundamental as the Constitution, I expect some knowledge beyond the common cliches. After all these are the foundations of this country and civilization. Am I expecting that everyone will be a Constitutional scholar, hell no. I don’t know everything, but I do know that when it comes to the First Amendment I cannot say whatever I want whenever and wherever I want. There are limits.

Shouting “Fire!” in a movie theater comes to mind. Just as an example.

If I was in school ten years ago, I may not be as bothered as I am now. I say maybe. But today, there is no excuse. I was able to look up the First Amendment in class. If I can do that, remember I am old and thus assumed to be technologically ignorant, fearful, or long for a more simpler time, then the students who use technology all of the time should be able to look up from their crotch texting and hit Wikipedia.

Imagine how much smarter you could sound if you put technology to use for you? Even better, as I understand it, most phones and computers can have multiple aps (applications for my fellow seniors) open at the same time. Thus, they could text and look smart at the same time AND continue staring at their crotch. If the staring at their crotch doesn’t make sense, then you are not in a modern classroom where when students text they try to do it “secretly” by holding the phone under the desk. This gives the impression from all angles that something exciting is happening in the crotch region. Nothing is happening.

I was in a class where a student looked up everything during a lecture on his phone or tablet (depended on the day). As long as the student did not claim the knowledge was his, conversation ensued and the student was thought of well by professors and students alike. His use of technology in class, got the rest of us to use ours. The result, instead of huge moments of silence and crotch texting there was learning. So it is possible to put the crotch level technology to use in a way that encourages learning.

Now if that could become part of the educational experience at all levels, something along the lines of “Keep your phones out where I can see them and you are encouraged to look up anything I am lecturing about so that you are informed and can take part in the classroom conversation. Put that technology to use FOR you, instead of distracting you.” The exact language can vary, but the message is the same, put technology to use for you.

If you did read about the First Amendment, could you please post one thing that you learned, it would make my day.



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