More First Amendment & an Update

Soon, as in maybe later tonight, the …OnFood page will get some sub-pages full of recipes. It all depends on how long it takes me to go through the Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District. I won’t bore you with the details. 1969 The Tinker family sued the Des Moines school district over what they viewed a violation of their children’s First Amendment rights. The case defined the Constitutional rights of students in US public school. See I saved you the boring details and if fellow students read this blog, they are in the know. 🙂

As I wrote in previous posts, I would keep readers (read you) informed to what was happening with Speaking Out on Life. Yesterday, I got the last of what I have in mind for the first few pages printed off. Slowly, but surely, around college work and life, I will go through them editing and formatting before posting. I’m hoping (read crossing my fingers) that by my birthday (last day of this month) I will have at least one sub-page for each of the header pages.

First on my list is food, which meant I started with my “cookbooks” and started printing them off. There are a few things I want to have in place before I post them.

  1. an easy to read layout
  2. photos…although with my history of food and photographs this may be a “do after the fact.” You know, post the recipe and later post photos to go with the recipe. I will see.

Those are my two goals, number one being the most important. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. If the layout is not easy to read and use, then nobody will make the food. That is a recipe fail. I don’t want a recipe fail.

After recipes should be more fiction, I posted the first part of my superheroish serial already. I am looking to have three or four different fiction settings: Hero, Stories From a Cyber-Stroud, My Fracture ‘verse, and Nail Clippers. I have a lot written for three of them, but being honest they could use more editing and in the case of a couple a good storyboarding to get or keep them on track. Tangents happen when I write and sometimes I follow the tangent instead of walling it off.

New and old erotica will follow when I am in the mood. No, that was not a joke. I have to be in the mood to write and especially edit erotica. OR someone has to make a request, which happens from time to time. At the moment, my mood is elsewhere due to college, exams are around the corner, but after that…who knows.

Last up, human sexuality. I have three different posts printed off. I am trying to decide where to start. Once I figure that out, pages will appear.

I think that covers everything. Soon, hopefully starting tonight, some recipes will start appearing. 🙂


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