Lego Dimensions in the Time of Illness

I had high hopes of writing about our continuing Skulls and Shackles adventures or misadventures, depending upon die rolls and card draws. I was really hoping to write more about Machi Koro Millionaires Row and Shadowrun Crossfire. Alas! We are not playing family games. Three of us are headed for the safe bubble where we hope we are safe from whatever illness has it grips on the boy.

While we take care of the boy, which seems to consist of making him tacos, filling up his water glass with ice, and taking his temperature while he marathons whatever TV show has his attention, at last check-in that was Pokemon XY or Black & White or Peanut Butter & Jelly. Pokemon are cute looking, but the show names are so…bland, we do our own things. In my case that will be to write more about Lego Dimensions.

I have been playing and paying more for Lego Dimensions. Which would I like to read about if I was reading this? The money part.

Lego Dimensions has turned into an expensive hobby. No, you do not need to purchase ALL of the packs, but if you want maximum possible enjoyment and collectible finding you will need to purchase quite a few.

To open all of the available worlds, you will need the following kits

Wizard of Oz (for Wizard of Oz world)

Marty McFly (for Back to the Future world)

Scooby Doo (for Scooby Doo world)

Portal (for Portal world)

Homer Simpson (for Simpsons world)

Jurassic World (for Jurassic World world)

Anyone Ninjago (for Ninjago world)

Anyone Chima (for Chima world)

And that covers the packs needed to unlock available worlds. Notice available is in italics, there are worlds NOT available at this time, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, and Midway Arcade. This is okay with me on one level, as there is a ton to do with what is available. On another level, it irks me that Ghostbusters and Midway Arcade are being held back until Waves 3 and 4 respectively, because both of those packs have characters that can do a single job and that job is needed to unlock collectables.

In the first story mission there is a section where ghosts are flying around, ONLY a Ghostbuster can get past that obstacle to the mini-kit or unlockable character. Either way, it is annoying to not only have to wait for several months, but have to pay to finish a game. To be clear, this does not prevent you from finishing the mission, the three characters in the boxed set can complete all of the missions. But a joy of Lego games is finding all of the collectables and the release schedule delays that, sometimes by months if the dates are to be believed.

Purchasing the kits above should give you either someone or something that can perform, all but the Ghostbuster and Midway Arcade parts (I want to say does, but I believe there are a couple of packs needed). When I say something, each of the vehicles (Batmobile) or creatures (flying monkey) that come as buildables are also upgradable in game. Using a combination of studs and gold bricks, players can upgrade each buildable: changing colors, increasing speed, and adding weapons to name a few. Purchase 10 upgrades to unlock the next level of buildable, which you purchase and repeat upgrading until you have all three levels complete.

A nice feature in game, is being able to use the help cubes to learn which character or buildable is necessary to complete a task, such as Wicked Witch to blow up silver blocks or Mystery Machine level 3 to handle toxic hazards. Without that feature you will blindly purchase figure packs hoping for the ability you want.

Suffice to say, while we (meaning all four of us) have been enjoying Lego Dimensions and have yet to scratch more than the surface of the game, the expense has us on edge. Do we want to get into yet another Skylanderesque game where the figures may be obsolete game-wise upon release of Lego Dimensions 2? The upside, is they are Legos and can be played with as Legos. Another upside, never has been killing Homer Simpson been so much fun…at least once in each story mode and world. 🙂

To illustrate the depth of the game:

Our kids have played through 8 of the story adventures. They spend around 45 minutes per world just completing the adventure. They collect nothing and have yet to get rule breaker, by collecting enough studs.

I spent two-hours on the first story adventure in Oz (story mode is separate from the worlds), at the end of my two-hours I had gotten rule breaker, two mini-kits, and discovered the ghost part where I won’t be able to go until Wave 3 is released.

A lot to do, but a large bill comes with it.



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