My Issue With Destiny

I play Destiny. After tonight I am reconsidering playing Destiny. I love playing Destiny. I typically play by myself. Then I met a friend who plays. This friend is much better than me. Even better, this friend will play missions and raids with me that I have not and could not do because up to meeting him I avoided the social aspect because of the elitist attitude that can be found just about anywhere Destiny takes place.

I am thankful for this friend. He will do something that nobody else has seemed willing to do, take the time to explain to people who have not done something how to do something and he is very good at explaining to them the process. He walked at least three other players, myself among them, through a raid. Literally stopping at each point to explain our roles and what NOT to do.

“if you are a dick, I will take my toys and go home.”

I have been aware that Destiny’s biggest issue is the stratification between the casuals and the elites. There is also some tension between people who play the game and people who play against other people (PVE vs PVP). This tension is more of a perception issue of “who is getting the better toys.” The stratification between casuals and elites, however is very real. There are players who will not play with other players if said players do not have X, Y, or Z gear; Y level; or can prove that they have done Z event.

I get it, people want to play with people with similar levels and such, but what about people like me who want to do the “cool” stuff? The stuff, that for some inexplicable reason requires two friends or five friends, to do. In the five years I have been an Xbox live member, I have never had six friends who all played the same game and wanted to do the same thing at the same time (four was the max and even that required NASA level planning).

Join a clan, a group of individuals who I can play with. Sounds great, but which one? Most have entry requirements ranging from “be fun,” whatever that means, to “extremely serious, must have working headset, and be willing to get yelled at when you screw up” and many between. Joining a clan in Destiny, other the seeming social aspect (since playing I have not seen more than two members of a clan in the same area more than twice-where as in Defiance, entire clans would be seen daily), has no value. I get nothing out of being part of a clan other than an opportunity to make online friends and playmates. I like meeting people the old fashioned way. In other games, being part of a clan comes with perks.

So with my friend walking me and others through raids, I have been having upper level fun. He has even found other like minded individuals, who play at that elite level, but understand that there are plenty of people like me who try and will continue to try, but do need assistance.

And that was where we were at, my friend and four random people, I got the feeling they knew each other, but they were quick to accept that I did not know the mission, that I would do my best, BUT I am horrible at platforming so please be patient. And we started, my friend or one of them explained what needed to do and I did it. They kept me out of trouble.

When my lack of platforming skill reared its ugly head hardocre, they did not complain or bitch at me, they offered helpful advice and laughed at my “skill.” When it became obvious, that I am as bad at platforming as I said, they did what they could and got me to the next section. And so on. Then one of them had to quit.

We carried on as a group of five, one person commenting that it was pretty cool that we had made it to the Daughters with a newbie (me) in under an hour. The leader did want a sixth player for the last fight (I understood that and support that decision). And that is where I ran face first into the elitist attitude. The new player, did not wait to start giving me grief about my platforming and lack of knowledge. Thankfully, my friend vigorously spoke up in my defense and the new guy quieted until the next bump…

…our group died again. The Daughters part sounds easy, but as I learned it only takes a few small errors to derail the plan. I have no problem saying, that I derailed the plan a few times, but I tried, and when someone else had an issue I did not deride them. New guy, blamed everything on me and I finally had enough. I have a gaming motto that I live by, “if you are a dick, I will take my toys and go home.” And I went home.

I hated quitting then, but I will not tolerate someone berating me over a game and their perception of me over my ability or inability to press the A button in a timely fashion. I will probably go back to Destiny, but the elitist attitude has me wary of the social aspect once again.


2 thoughts on “My Issue With Destiny

  1. I live by the motto of: Life is too short to play games that aren’t fun. It serves the same purpose… and I’ve walked away from a lot of games for that reason, either to avoid bad game design, or a bad online community.

    1. Ankoku1331

      Excellent motto. It is too bad that more people don’t live with that motto. It would make gaming a universally appealing activity.

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