The One Where I Screw Up The BBQ Sauce

Some of you may remember where I recently said that I would be posting recipes for wing sauces. I did post some sauces, but wing sauces…well…how can I say this…I screwed up. I didn’t screw up the recipes. Well, I guess I did from my current perspective of making as much as I can without relying on pre-made stuff. Any way, back to the old recipes.

There I was yesterday, sitting in front of this computer, stack of papers next to me. I put the recipes on top and began to type. Then I stopped typing. Then I started reading and pondering, “What had I been thinking?” Then I remembered, back when I wrote most of the wing sauce recipes,

  • I was in love with Frank’s Wing Sauce
  • I was in a situation where cooking was not easy
  • And most of all I had not gotten to where I am today cooking wise

Thus most of the recipes begin like this:

  • 1 cup Frank’s Hot Wing Sauce

That is great if I wanted to give you a Frank’s Hot Wing Sauce. Doesn’t matter what ingredients come next, the base flavor, the foundation if you will, is Frank’s Hot Wing Sauce. If you know what that tastes like and you do if you get “hot” wings just about anywhere.

In fact, allow me to take a brief detour, I get really pissed when I order “hot” wings or “hot” wing sandwich and the wings or chicken is slathered or drowning in Frank’s Hot Wing Sauce. It is tantamount to a culinary crime to serve “hot” wings using Frank’s Hot Wing Sauce. No, I am not opposed to Frank’s Hot Wing Sauce, I love the stuff, but when I go out to eat I don’t want a sauce from a bottle that I can get from the local store. I want YOUR hot wing sauce or your BBQ sauce. Show me your skill and creativity.

Detour over, you can see and understand why I don’t want to print my old recipes. I believe that I can do better or at least something that is mine. I wouldn’t print/pass off a recipe as mine that wasn’t mine and that is how I feel about my old wing sauce recipes, they owe more to Frank than they do to me. Which, brings me around to the whole point.

I am working on my own wing sauce recipes. I already know how to make a couple really good BBQ sauces and a really good teriyaki glaze. With those as my starting points and a lot of cooking knowledge in my head and my fingertips, I should be able to make a whole bunch of sauces that are mine. And that is why you have to wait. For that I apologize, but in the long run this will be better.



2 thoughts on “The One Where I Screw Up The BBQ Sauce

  1. I can definitely appreciate this post! I’ve been there before. For me it was using Mike Mills’ Magic Dust. Like the Frank’s RedHot commercial says, “I put that s*^# on everything!” People would compliment me on my meat but while I appreciated the compliments, they were inevitably complimenting his seasoning blend, even if I did tweak it a bit. So now I’m working to create a flavor profile that is mine, yet simple – or at least one without someone else’s name attached to it.


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