Bouncy All Over The Place Mentally Day

I went to bed reading The Martian. He spends a large chunk of the book trying to grow food to stay alive.

I woke up tired and hungry. This made me grumpy. The irony of waking up hungry, realizing that all I had to eat over the last 24 hours was 2 hot dogs and falling asleep reading about a man trying to make food was lost on me. I was being grumpy.

I drove to class. I normally walk, but being grumpy and hungry had me in no mood to walk. I ended up ordering the first Whopper of the day. Having been a manager at Burger King, the first Whopper of the day is the best Whopper of the day.

I have a superstitious side, thus when the black cat went to jump in front of the car I stopped the car. The cat starred at me. I starred at the cat. The cat crossed my path. This should mean bad luck for the day, but I am going to take the tack that bad luck would have been running over the cat. Hopefully, I get a pass.

ParkingI ate my Whopper. I felt better, but still tired and now off kilter. I wonder if my parking spot has anything to do with that.

I wait for class in my usual spot. Gorgeous barely begins to describe the temperature, cloud cover, wind on my face, scent of rain, leaves in the trees, and animals doing winter-prep things. Then a horde of students ruins it all. I resist the urge to pelt them with rocks while screaming “HEATHENS!” at the top of my lungs. Why should the rocks and my lungs suffer seems to be my mindset.

I talk with a fellow student about activism and Star Wars Battlefront. Suffice to say that the two topics do intertwine, but only after sharing several stories of force chokes. The professor breezes past us with a “Hello,” unusual given that he usually shoots the shit with us. Both of us check our clocks to see if we are late. Student suggests professor needed to use the bathrooms.

I sit down and immediately I do not want to be there. Not for any specific reason. My body is all bouncy, my brain is all over the place, and I have this sensation of get up and go. Perhaps, my animal hind brain is thinking that I too should be preparing for winter. Stocking up food does sound good, but getting the hell out of here sounds better to me. Bouncy and unfocused I sit through lecture.

I raise my hand to ask a question, “since soap operas have the same general theme it makes sense that soap operas as a genre would have a similar effect. Reality shows however, have many different themes, how does that impact the social cognition theory?” Given that reality shows tend to be about an individual’s attempts to be successful or the center attention, the theory works.

I raise my hand later in class. At this point I am really bouncy, really all over the place mentally (I have, I think, worked out several minor mental conundrums by this time), the issue at hand is Mad Max and cultural studies and how the heroes are protectors. My point, is that the bad guy was also a protector. Was he the same kind of protector as the heroes, no, but he was protecting a much larger group of people. Since my brain was not on task, I did not get around to asking, what happened to the larger group of people once the bad guy was killed by the good guys, without his protection (admittedly messed up).

I am home. I am still bouncy and mentally all over the place. I look at my notes from class, lets just say I hope my brain was paying more attention than my handwriting. I have been reviewing my weekend, seems the off kilter started before now, I am only noticing the effects now…my review, not so much of a review of two weeks, unless you count links, and more of a review of a day, just like this post…one very bouncy, mentally all over the place, off kilter review of a moment in time, my time…


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