Hot Damn!

Hot SaucesThere are few times where I am thankful for a sinus funk. Today was one of those days. And in tradition of whenever I feel ick, I made hot spicy burny in and out food, starting with a bowl of hell broth ramen.

What is hell broth ramen? Take you favorite ramen and add 2 tablespoons of gochujang #3 or #5 to the mix and stir. You should be looking at an angry shade of red. Eat. Feel the burn. I said


Make whatever is attempting to live rent free in your body feel the pain. Think Spanish Inquisition treatment of the offending bacteria or virus. Burn baby burn! And for a while, mostly while I sat in class, I felt better. I definitely had a fire in my belly.

Unfortunately, after grocery shopping I was feeling a bit run down. Damn you bacteria or virus! DAMN YOU! However, I had 20 serrano chilies, 20 jalapeño peppers, and 1 package of habanero chilies to go with the six recipes I wanted to try out. This would be enough for me to make three of them. Barb was home and that was the only thing stopping me. Then (try to imagine a light shining down at this moment) she reminded me she had to meet her professor…cue orchestral music.

Before she even left she was coughing from the fumes. I was in heaven. My nostrils burned down to my toes. The house stank of spicy goodness and whatever vileness was attempting to set up house ran from the flames of SPICE!

No lie, the fumes from the serrano peppers, onion, and garlic burned. I could breath. And what I inhaled burned, smelled, but burned. I was happy. While the serrano mixture cooked down I threw some pineapple, mango, and habanero into the food processor. WHEEEE, the mix went round and round turning into brightly colored and spicy scented mixture. That went into a pan with some spices and sugar to cook down. The serrano mixture, now room temperature or as close to room temperature as I was going to wait went into the food processor (I cleaned it out first). Next up, jalapeños. Interestingly enough, other than a few more garlic cloves and slowly adding vinegar to mix it was made identically to the serrano mix.

A few hours later and I have three different spicy sauces. I haven’t been able to do anything other than sample them while making them. They need to sit for at least a day before reaching full flavor potency. In 24 hours I will be enjoying the rewards of my labor, Barb’s coughing fit, and what seems to be a way to make pepper spray at home. A useful skill.


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