Time Keeps on Ticking…Does It Tick In The Digital Age?

This is the day where time escaped me. As a sign of that, look how late this post went up…if you can. Still irked from the student “lead” parent-teacher conference, I was reminded that the kids, for whatever reason, had a half-day today. Unfortunately, what I and Barb thought was a half-day did not turn out to be their half-day. I left class early, in all fairness the professor had drilled into me how to read a research paper, thinking I was leaving early to get my children, who were going to be getting out of school early, I got home.

Two hours passed before they got home. They might have as well stayed in class. I am disenchanted or disillusioned with education of late. If you can’t tell.

While I waited and worried (be honest if you expected your children at X time and they were not there you would worry too), Barb went to pharmacy job fair day. I would tell you about it, but we are waiting and seeing before saying anything other than she had a good time, walked away feeling good about her interviews, and came home with sore feet (poor choice in footwear is what I say) and a bag of SWAG.

Tired of waiting and having a two exams to study for next week, I wanted to get out of the house and out of town. Heading to Grand Rapids on a Friday, during rush hour home, is never a smart move. And it was not a smart move. We got stuck in traffic, like you do, but we had a plan. Find some places to “hang out” until traffic cleared.

Which is how we found ourselves at Rider’s Hobby Shop where the staff seemed to be stuck in amber. They did greet us, but beyond that I do not think they moved one bit from their starting positions. It didn’t matter much to us as we were there to waste time, but it was unusual.

Then to the Toy Store or Shoppe or whatever the place in the mall where they have a tone of children’s crap and a wall of GAMES! I love going there to look at the games and then buying them on Amazon. Don’t hate on me. I have a limited budget and for whatever reason the price of games has gone up and up and the amount of enjoyment gotten out of many of them is not relative to the price tag or shit in the box. If price equaled relative amount of fun then those 70 dollar games about a single subject or point of interest would be flying off the shelves instead of gathering dust. Suffice to say, unless I am at a hobby shop, I do not buy retail for games. Why a hobby shop, because I do believe in supporting your local game store. That does come with the caveat that the local game store is worth supporting. The one in Cadillac, not worth supporting.

By the time we were done in the Toy Shoppe, it was late and all of us were hungry. Yet, we had not gotten to our true destination…TOYS R US. Why Toy’s R Us given my rant above about retail prices and given it is a known that Toy’s R Us has higher prices than anyone else? Because Toy’s R Us gets exclusives that nobody else gets or it takes a long time for other people to get them, which means here in Big Rapids we may never see them.

Thus, there for the overpriced exclusive Lego Dimension (excuse me, exclusive meaning early release) figures that cost 1.50 more than the most expensive place in town, we grabbed our figures and grumbled our way to Smash Burger for some good food and a long drive home.

See time got a way from me.


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