Blackfoot Hot Sauce End of the World Cult

The teacher sent home, per my request, some social studies homework for our boy. His assignment, pick a Native American tribe and write a small paper about them. Groans all abound, from him. Undaunted by his groans I got him reading about the Blackfoot Confederacy. Nothing overly long or detailed (yes, Wikipedia). It took about an hour before he went from fidgeting to paying attention to the information and he was hooked. Barb and I learned about the tribes in the confederacy, a small bit of information about how they lived, and a cleansing ritual.

I had him taking notes, a skill that will serve him for a long time. After he was done telling us what he learned I got him to organize his thoughts in preparation to type out his paper. Another concession, that we will try typing instead of writing. It was a suggestion of mine that he be allowed to try typing to see if he can find a written medium that can keep up with his thought process. Typing is what kept me from falling behind in school, maybe it will help him too.

And now hot sauces…

You may remember this post where I made three hot sauces. If you do not, please read and come back. I let the sauces sit unmolested for two days. I hated doing that because I wanted to get right in there and see what I made, but I am glad I waited. Today was sauce test day and it went GREAT.

Jalapeno hot sauce smelled like a good salsa verde and tasted like it smelled. The heat kick is up front and all over the mouth, but is quick to dissipate, unless you eat a bunch at once. The flavor lasts throughout. Great on chips, okay on chicken. This sauce will need some work before it is ready as a wing sauce; already great as a chip dip and on tacos.

The pineapple-mango-habanero sauce is addictive. The heat is very mellow, which may be due to me using twice the amount of pineapple and mango (I need to learn to read). This means the fruit-sweet flavor is prominent and that is great. Even with the habanero I ate this sauce like it was going out of style. Great for chips and awesome chicken strip dip. With a little work this will be very wing sauce ready.

Unfortunately, I ran out of chips and chicken strips before I could taste test the serrano sauce.

Lastly end of the world cults, what the world is missing…

I am reading when Prophecy Fails by Leon Festinger. The book is a study of cognitive dissonance in end of the world cults and how the members cope when it turns out that the aliens, flood, second coming, asteroid, earthquake, or other predicted event does not happen.

And it hit me, the world is missing a huge end of the world cult. End of the world cults give people something tangible to believe in or mock. End of the world cults tend to be fun. End of the world cults have a deadline or three-seems that a few cults when the day failed to arrive recalculated the math and announced a new date. Good end of the world cults cross all religious and socio-economic barriers, in a way end of the world cults bring people together. That is a good thing. End of the world cults will give the news something else to talk about other than an election that has yet to happen, non-stop war, crime, celebrities, and sports.

So, I am proposing that someone somewhere start an end of the world cult with the potential for mass appeal. Nothing creepy. Maybe two or three someones should start their own end of the world cults, might as well hedge our bets.

  • Must have a charismatic leader.
  • Must have the ability to communicate well.
  • Must  be willing to network and travel.
  • Must have a “plausible” end of the world event that will happen on a set date or flexible set date.

Any takers?

If I come up with something I will let you know…

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