Point Grubbing Parent Teacher Conference

You may recall this post, where I was frustrated about a parent-teacher conference. And for the record, I am still frustrated about that conference. However, last night at the conference for our other child hope sprung anew. The teacher did not waste our time telling us what we knew. The teacher explained to us what and how our child was doing in class. Including explaining to us the “mystery” of math scores. Our child had not been doing well at math, we chalked this up to sometimes our children, especially with timed tests, take a “Not gonna do it, even though I can do it” attitude. Turns out the problem is a new unit of math and none of the students are doing well, part of the learning process. Armed with this knowledge we have already incorporated it into family game time.

With hope springing anew, are you prepared for the point-grubbing behavior of college students? I get to see this roughly once a semester and it makes me loath the students and what has become of education. I do not bare the professors any malice at all, after all they are being nice enough to offer opportunities for students to earn extra points. I will point out that, if I was an educator, there would be no extra points, you earn what you earn. You want to pass, learn something. But that is me and as I have repeatedly said, I do not think I would be a well-loved teacher.

Here is the situation, the class as a whole did not do great on the exam. I’m fine with that. I expected that. I will not be surprised with my grade and I will accept my grade. I am an adult. As my kids like to say, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” The professor, being nice, offered extra credit to those who wanted it. You would have thought he was throwing them money by the way they jumped at it.

10-points to attend a lecture.

Attend the lecture. Sit there and listen. Oh, sign your name on a paper.

“How long is the lecture?” *

“Can I have someone record the lecture for me instead of going?”

But, wait…10 additional points for a grand total of 20-points, if you wrote a 4-page paper about the lecture.

“What font size?”

“Double spaced?”

“What about a 3 1/2 page paper?”

“What about a 2 page paper?”

“Word count?”

“Does it have to be about the lecture?”

“Four pages!”

“Can we get more points?”

tumblr_ln9kvpJzkF1qbyyxqWhat I wrote looks organized, but this was a pelmel verbal melee with the professor. I felt bad for the professor. I felt worse for my growing headache. I despise grubbing over gifts. Extra points is a gift. One should accept the gift with a thank you, NOT attempt to negotiate for less work and more points. If the attendance sheet had reached me, I was going to sign it, and leave. Funny story, the students were so busy grubbing for points that the sheet never made it around the class.

* My favorite overheard moment during this was a student tell another student the right day, but wrong time of the lecture.


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