Countdown to Birthday Spam to the Rescue

Sometime at the end of next week I will be another year older.  I am sure that I will write more in detail about this closer to the actual day if not on the day itself as I tend to get all introspective and melancholy as yet another birthday passes without any type of fun other than the fun that I have to arrange for myself.  Until then though I present to you the best pre-birthday gift that I can think of, the gelatinous, salty, pink brick of “food” that is SPAM! Enjoy and try not to eat the candles even though they are more healthy than the SPAM.


Spam says go to India,

Interesting way to meet the lovely farms of Kerala is without a doubt on backwater trips. Temperatures in spring and fall make ideal camping weather.

I’ve heard that about the temperatures.


Spam and my ATM card


I hope my ATM card remembered to take it’s phone.


Pump directions from spam,

Mount the pump, arranged up the overflow plumbing and fill device in the skimmer.

I always thought it was mount then pump, but what do I know.


Electroplated bread?

Metallic coatings such as nickel and simply chromium are lodged by electroplating. You can make a natural hot loaf from bread rapidly.

Hope you have a good knife to make slices.


This is important spam,

How important is free of charge speech in a free of charge society?

Think about that spam for a minute.


Terms of spam,

Term IX: Are your family opposed to sexism? Increase of sludge could be prevented through consistent cesspool cleaning

Sexism and cesspools I do see the connection.


Wise spam advice,

Keep the container filled with beer, up to about an inch since the top.

If a container is empty around here it is filled up with beer now.


Spam knows kitchens

You’ll need some wooden spoon, a collection of spatulas in sizes and shapes.

Wooden spoons useful in many ways.


Spam does not recommend debauched loans

Like the name it aforesaid, debauched payday loans is a unproblematic ruffles, intricate cutting, floral prints, and early “extras.”

Unless they are packaged nicely


Spam that could not resist,

I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

Thank you spam


Thank spam its not made out of metal

Become a sex magnet in your neighborhood

Outside of your neighborhood expect to repel instead of attract


Spam calls me out

Using Blogs for building self confidence is nothing short of deception.

Now I am nothing.


Spam leaves me hanging

Many life-threatening maladies have silent signs and.

and WHAT?


Orange colored spam to the colon

Carrot juices contain certain oils that look at the mucus walls of the stomach and colon.  There is an absolute sense of certainly being and wholeness.

I don’t know about a sense of anything with carrot juices looking around.


Layout advice from spam

Get started with White space!: Much better page is just too busy, you’ll losing your reader. Firstly, consider the Steve Bond style events.

Steve Bond, cousin of James?


Until next week enjoy your spam.  I know I do.


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