A Better Update Than Some Updates I Know

I like to keep you in the loop, where there is a loop and where I have said that I would do something and in this case have not done as much as I thought I would. Without a doubt college and sinus funk have made a serious impact on how much I thought I would get done before now. All is not bad, but there is less here than I had hoped and indicated (or think I indicated).

Everything I want from other blogs where I used to post has been moved here. Not all of it has been reposted, some I am saving for a rainy day (read, day where I have no post). A greater amount has been set aside for the edit and rewrite pile. And that is where…

…well let me start off with I had a plan and I have a plan drawn on one of our dry erase boards. This plan lists out everything I want to do pre-move to self-hosting. Items are grouped by topic and each thing has a check-box. This serves as a constant reminder of what I want to get done and more importantly what I have not got done.

Plan in mind and visible, what has been the hold up? College primarily. Not just my classes, but Barb’s college stuff and might as well toss in our childrens school stuff as well. I did not expect the classes I was taking to occupy me as much as they have. I happen to be finding the topics interesting, which means they get my attention and if I am going to pay attention I might as well put forth some effort…not that my last exam scores showed this…if I had only been allowed to write out all of the definitions instead of play “find the definition.” That is in the past.

Exams are over for now and after looking at my list, I have come up with a revised plan for the time being. Where prior to now, I was attempting to write a post a day, a new story or erotica (not sure why I specified there), and post something edited for at least two categories/pages (if you think that sounds like a lot, pre-college or during a break that is daily output for me writing wise), as of now I will be focusing on getting all of my recipes (wing sauces aside) up.

Once the recipes are finished, I will focus on the erotica section. I have a smaller amount of editable work and given my weird writing habits for erotica (someone has to request or talk to me about it), I don’t think I will be adding more to my pile before I clear out my pile.

After the food and erotica, will come the human sexuality. I have been revising ALL of my articles. I want to start off on solid ground and move forward in a manner that encourages conversation and makes some sense. The first article will be more of a list of terminology for everyone to use while reading each new post.

Lastly, will be new fiction. I have been working hard to stop posting rough drafts. This is hard for me to do. I am so used to writing and posting. Then later going back and revising. For daily posts this is not that big of a deal, for something where I want people to follow along going back and revising is…well not good. I learned this while posting Nail Clippers…edit first and have a goal or two in mind.

What about games, some of you may be asking? Well we have a small (LARGE) pile of new games to play and write about. We have a Skulls and Shackles campaign to continue. Imperial Assault to play and many many other games. As we play them, which will increase as the weather gets colder, I will write about them here.

So there you have an update on what was supposed to be happening here and what will be happening here. Hopefully, you continue to read and follow along and watch this unfold…or explode. 🙂



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