Unicorn Glitterluck: The First Of Many Mini-Games

I have been trying, rather successfully I might add, to avoid buying any large games that require an investment of time, effort, or have a lot of supplements. We have plenty of those types of games and as the family finds their individual and group gaming niches many of them are going unplayed. However, that does not mean that we do not find new games to try out. Of late our thing has been small, self-contained games that can be played quickly.

Beer and pretzel games, except that our kids don’t drink beer and most pretzels taste blah to us. Most of these games are found by our kids while I am drooling over some game or another that “I really really want.” You’d think I was the kid. 🙂

They bring me or Barb the box, holding it out with that “Please” look. Most of the games are crap. Far to many quick games are exactly that quick to play to make a buck. But a few have found homes here. You would think that we would play a bunch at a time, but we don’t. Typically, play one or two and then we have had our gaming fill. Strange.

Unicorn GlitterluckToday’s game was found yesterday by our girl and because all of us here are My Little Pony fans we had to purchase UNICORN GLITTERLUCK, which despite the imagery is not My Little Pony or at least that is what they will be saying in court when My Little Pony sues them.

Contents of the box, four wooden unicorn figures in four colors, two wooden dice, a large pile of pink plastic “crystals,” a three piece double-sided puzzle board, and an instruction manual in a dozen different languages.

Unicorn Glitterluck is for young children. This cannot be emphasized more. Yet, the game was fun to play for adults, which makes it a good kids game in our book (if you have ever had to play a kids game that was only for children, then you know what I am talking about).

Goal of the game: Be the Unicorn with the most crystals at the end of the game. One side of the game board is a path of clouds and rainbows. Roll the blue die and move that many spaces. Roll a cupcake (yes I wrote that) and your unicorn is too busy snacking to move. Land on a cloud with a package and roll the pink die, collect that many pink crystals. Land on a cup cake space and give a crystal from the pile to someone else (not a crystal of yours). Land on a rainbow cloud and ride the rainbow to the next cloud, forward only. Be the first unicorn to the finish line and collect four bonus crystals.

At that point count crystals, the unicorn with the most crystals wins. For those players who have a problem counting, flip the board over and place crystals in the spots to create an easy to visualize line chart of who won.

I think our games took 10 minutes to play tops. However, fun and for parents looking for games to play with young children this is a good one.


4 thoughts on “Unicorn Glitterluck: The First Of Many Mini-Games

  1. I was introduced to a game last week that I really liked, called Carsaconne. (Not sure if I spelled that correctly.) 30 minute play time for two adults; it might take 45 minutes with kids. Use tiles to build a landscape, put your little men (called meeples) in cities, on roads, in monestaries, or as farmers. Collect points as criteria are met. I thought of your clan after I played. I think you would like it.


    1. Ankoku1331

      We love it. There is a big box of Carcassonne and expansions on top of our game cabinet. The kids frequently request expansions. Our games got so big we have to play on the floor. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, very cool!

        The guy I played with had the river expansion, but I was just trying to keep track of the other stuff since it was my first time. It’s a game I may look for to add to my collection. I also need a new Scrabble board and I want to replace my old Clue.


      2. Ankoku1331

        Good luck replacing Clue. We bought a copy and were very disappointed with the new version. Way to easy, even for kids who had never played it.


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