Social Media People Smell Obi-Wan

When we last left the social media lecture, 4Chan and Clorox was the discussion, but classroom grooming was the post. Meanwhile, if you have not read Star Wars, yes I wrote read, then you may not be aware of the following-not only did Obi-Wan cut off a person’s arm in the cantina scene, he bisected two others.


Cut in twain.

Sliced in half.

Now that makes the whole “Han shot first debate moot.” Yes, I said moot. Who cares if Han shot first when a Jedi, guardian of peace and all, comes out of retirement and disarms (ha) one person and kills two other by bisection? What happened to violence as a last resort, especially in a barroom brawl in a galaxy far far away where Jedi are supposed to be extinct.

And that is how social media and people smell come together.

Did you learn anything?

Probably not. Well you should have learned that in the book Obi-Wan was a combat beast and it makes you wonder why the fight between him and Vader on the Death Star was so blah other than they went with a broadsword style of fighting and put an elderly man in one scene…but I digress.

Class picked up right where the professor remembered leaving off which was a discussion of social capital. Which is not the capital of any state. Social capital is the concept/idea that social ties can be turned into capital, such as money, advice, idea, or a job to name a few.

There are strong ties, people who are similar to you in outlook and tend to be close to you-family and loved ones. These are few in number, but can provide larger amounts of capital in a single instance. There are weak ties, people who are not a close, can have a variety of interests, and are many in number. Weak ties provide less capital per instance, but there are more of them, thus more capital overall, plus the variety of capital that can be gained from weak ties is more diverse than strong ties.

This lead to the discussion of the Online Community. This is of huge interest to me since one of my goals has been to turn my blog (s) into a community where people gather together, read, discuss, post, and the whole process becomes more organic than me writing a post and you read. When I had a human sexuality blog, before WordPress got all banhammery, there was the start of that community.

A post would lead to long discussions between commenters, myself, and other commenters. Those conversations would spin new posts from me, typically addressing a topic brought up in conversation. It was a good time on the blog. Readers felt invested and would often take conversations had on my blog and turn it material for their blog where a conversation was started. See where this is going? Over a period of four months the beginnings of a community were forming over several blogs. It was something I wanted and want to do again.

Thus, the classroom topic and what I am doing on this blog are dovetailing.

So, we have the beginnings of the Online Community discussion comes up when the question was asked, “Why don’t you join all of the student organizations on campus?” This was an attempt to demonstrate that Ferris State University is a community as a concept, with sub-communities…alas the person next to me said, “People smell,” in response to the question. I may have been the only person who heard him, but it short-circuited my brain.

This may have had something to do with a recent trip to a game store where upon opening the door all of us were assaulted with the stank of unwashed gamer. Regardless, I could not stop laughing…thankfully class came to an end.

Now have you learned something? 🙂


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