500 Words At A Time

I think I have settled upon a plan for the “thing” I need to do before I graduate. I will not call it a book, novel, novella, or anything at all, other than 500 Words At A Time. I have so much to write about; it has been five years. There are stories to tell, advice to give, and warnings to handout. Someone other than me should get some use out of my education. Thus, what I have been doing since last night is creating a list of topics that I want to write about.

My list to this point:

  • Beginnings
  • Why?
  • First Day
  • Living On Campus
  • Campus Life
  • Community
  • Schedules
  • Classes
  • Attitude
  • Home Work
  • Cast of Characters
  • Fees, Fees, and MORE Fees
  • Registration
  • Exams
  • Life of a Student as an Adult
  • Overheard in Class
  • Food, Food, Food
  • Attendance
  • Being An Adult
  • Children
  • Red Tape
  • Types of Professors
  • Types of Students
  • Types of Tests
  • Types of Assignments
  • Types of Grades
  • Supplies
  • Financial Aid
  • Do You Have An Obligation To Teach Adult Behavior?
  • What is Your Major?
  • What Year Are You?
  • Being A Parent When You Are Not A Parent
  • Downtime
  • Holidays
  • Putting Your Life Experience To Work For You

As you can see, I have a lot I want to write about and this is just a preliminary list. While typing that list out I thought of a few more things and can see how some ideas will be linked together.

Today, I started writing about some of them and what I found is that around 500 words I was done. I know this comes from blogging where I shoot for 500 or so words. In case you did not know, less than 500 words (200 to 300) and people skim over your point. Over 500 words (700+), and people may not finish reading unless you have written a compelling piece or have it organized with eye-breaks. Around 500 words (400 to 600), seems to be the sweet spot where people will read instead of skimming or if they skim they will still get the gist.

My plan is to write the initial thoughts out, then go back and add more and flesh out each topic where needed (most likely always needed). Eventually, these individual thoughts will get stitched together in a narrative of some kind for readers. Yesterday, I was not sure about posting to the blog, but the more I thought about it the more sense it makes to me to use the skills and tools that I have than to reinvent the wheel.

So here I am, here we are: five years ago I started blogging (different blog than this one), and it seems fitting to me that at graduation I will be using this blog for closure before moving onto the next stage. Hopefully the end goal is to have more than a pile of words and blog posts. At the moment I don’t know what that will look like, but I am pretty sure there will be some food in there; can’t send adults back to college without food.


4 thoughts on “500 Words At A Time

  1. When I was in college (the first time), there were resources specifically available/applicable to “non-traditional” students. Is that terminology still used? And does Ferris have a Campus Life office (or something similar) that provides support for the NOT-fresh-out-of-high-school set?

    Just curious.

    Also curious: Have there been lessons learned about being a student that have helped you deal with your kids’ learning behaviors? Having so many “in school” at the same time, in the same household, seems like there would be some kind of crossover, even if only in the empathy department. At one point, Smotch and I were in school at the same time (shortly after we were married), and I noticed there were ways we learned from each other’s learning (for lack of a better way to say it).


    1. Ankoku1331

      If there is or was or is again a non-traditional (yes they still use that term only shortened to non-tran) it never came to my attention. 😦

      I have added empathetic learning to my list of topics. 🙂 Got any more?


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