The Question of an Evil Anniversary Lunch

What a day so far.

I was going to write about the question of evil, but more stuff happened. Stuff that was not evil. What is the question of evil? Rough draft: If God (or your choice of deity) is all knowing, created everything, and is wholly good then why is their evil? Why is there evil is left to your choice of explanation and or theologian/philosopher. Explanations range from free will-we have free will and we create our own evil-to Manichaeism-a religion with a deity of good and a deity of evil (which turned out to be a problem for those religions with one deity) to many other attempts to explain why there is evil in the world.

After learning about evil…wait, learning about the question of evil, which never did get resolved, I headed out to see Paul Zube give a presentation. I did not go for the extra points. I did see our class there. Paul spoke about online political campaigns and there effect on political campaigns. Not sure if that made sense. Let me start again, there was an assumption by “them” that the internet would revolutionize politics and political campaigns. Being able to reach more people and all of that jazz which is associated with every new technology.

What has been learned so far, is that there is an expectation that politicians running for office will have a website slash online presence. That not having an online presence may indicate to outsiders (us), that the politician is not serious. However, having an online presence is not necessarily a sign of anything about the candidate other than they are still looking for money and volunteers. A candidate’s political positions and proof of their deeds may not be available at all, but the appeal for money and volunteers will be. In essence, political campaigns are using online campaigns in the exact same way they run political campaigns-ask for money and volunteers.

I took something else away from the presentation, which was the expectation of an online presence. I am not running for political office, thus no money or volunteer buttons, but I am attempting to establish a writing brand and there are expectations for that. If I hit those expectations, that will aid my efforts to not only draw new readers to me, but retain them. Expectations are important. (There will be more to this, I was asked to write more.)

Post presentation was an invitation to lunch, thank you John Scott Grey for lunch. I do not eat on campus often, in fact today was the first time in over a year. The place we went to will be getting my business. Food aside, the lunch was a good conversation about parenting, college, testing, blood pressure, speeches, and many other topics.

Extravaganza FrogWalking home in the rain sucked; why does is there rain that blows in my face seemed like more relevant to me than why is there evil, but being cold and wet is more pressing at the time. Upon opening WordPress I was greeted by two comments (sorry it took me so long to respond) and a notification that today is my blogging FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Breakout the Extravaganza Frog.

As part of the celebration, thank you to everyone who reads and visits. I try to provide content you will enjoy and come back for more of…like cake. 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Question of an Evil Anniversary Lunch

  1. Are you going to be tackling the good/evil question soon? I’ve been thinking about that very thing, though I can’t be sure what spurred the idea in the first place. I’d be interested to see what you have to say.

    1. Ankoku1331

      I may have something more for good and evil (working on something as I type). Is it possible that working on the meta of your gaming and setting that good and evil is there in the background?

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