500 Words At A Time: If Then

How did I end up at Ferris State University one semester away from graduating and blog posting my magnum opus? Surely some of you have wondered? I know I have.

The easiest way to start telling to this tale is from the beginning…

First there were dinosaurs, then an asteroid hit the planet, and turned them into oil…

To far back?

How about roughly 10-years ago, I thought I was living an okay life. Other than staggering amount of debt brought about by our own stupidity IslashWe were doing okay. However, there was a sense we could be doing more. And that was right about the time that Barb started school to become a pharmacist…

Given that I will be revisiting this topic a few times, be okay with me skipping some details at this stage. How did Barb decide to become a pharmacist and what does that have to do with me in school? In her previous work she became very familiar with drugs used to treat mental illness. So familiar that she yelled (still yells) at drug commercials. Dissatisfaction with her job lead to an aptitude test, which lead to pre-pharmacy school at University of Toledo.

Due to UofT’s grad school selection process, which reserved most of the slots for out of country students, Barb looked for pharmacy grad programs in Michigan. At the time there were three-UofM, Wayne State, and here at Ferris State University. Wayne State was out because neither of us had any desire to live anywhere near Detroit. Nobody we knew had heard of Big Rapids or Ferris State. And if not for the worst interview ever, she might have gone to UofM.

The interview process works both ways, they interview you and you are interview them. The admissions person for UofM’s pharmacy grad program was a mess. For a grad program, especially in medical fields, there is an expectation of professional appearance of self and office. Perhaps this person was having an off day and moving offices. Perhaps. I think the person really was that disorganized. The office looked like a dump for all of the books and papers the world did not want. The person looked like they slept under one the piles and while able to answer some of Barb’s questions, did not come across as prepared. Barb said no. First impressions matter.

If Barb had not gotten to know drugs and been dissatisfied with her job, then she would not have taken aptitude testing and enrolled in pre-pharmacy.

If Barb had not been good at pre-pharm, then she would not have needed to look for a grad school.

If UofT wanted more of their own pre-pharm students, then Barb would not have had to look elsewhere.

If Wayne State was not in Detroit, then she may have not looked elsewhere.

If UofM grad admissions person had made a better first impression, then Barb would not have had to look one last place.

If Barb had gone anywhere else, then I would not have enrolled at Ferris Stae University.

And that is how I ended up here, one semester from graduation, writing my magnum opus about our/my last five years…of course the devil is in the details, but that is another 500 words.


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