Lone Wolf Adventure Game Review

I read many of the Lone Wolf books. I have fond memories of them, thus when I found out that Cubicle 7 was making the Lone Wolf Adventure Game I was geeked. And I am still geeked, just not as geeked. In a nutshell, Lone Wolf Adventure Game is a great start, but feels like there is so much more that could have or should have been included, which is why I am not as geeked. Is Lone Wolf Adventure Game the kind of game that I want to wait and see what is released and then pay for it?

The box is sturdy and decorated nicely. Inside the top and bottom box lids are grids numbered 0 thru 9, which can be used to generate random numbers. There are three books, Book of Kai Legends, Book of Kai Wisdom, and Book of Kai Training. In addition to the three books, are a number of character sheets-pre-made and blank-and counters. Everything is well made, nothing screams cheap.

Everything is well written with an eye to the new or beginning gamer. The illustrations are fitting, nothing earth shattering. Dice are not necessary. Tokens are provided to use the 0-9 random number generator grids on the insides of the box lids.

Book of Kai Legends consists of two adventures. The first adventure has been designed for players and game masters to walk through the rules and setting together. Plenty of examples and instruction are provided with the goal of allowing everyone to jump right in, hopefully get hooked, and then move onto the Book of Kai Wisdom and Kai Training. Players use pre-generated characters and none of the advanced rules are used.

The second adventure is left for after the game master has read Book of Kai Wisdom and the players have read the Book of Kai Training.

Book of Kai Wisdom consists of all of the rules of play, a small gazetteer, and some creatures to use when creating adventures. The rules are divided into basic and advanced, with the option to use whichever advanced rules that can be agreed upon. If you have played any role playing game nothing in here will be new to you. If you are new to role playing games everything is explained in a manner that is easy to understand without feeling dumbed down. The only oddity is the combat system which uses a chart to generate the damage done to both the attacker and defender. It took me a little bit to get used to the idea of one resolution for what it typically two or more actions in role playing games. However, once I got used to the idea, it works and makes combat flow a little bit faster.

Book of Kai Training consists of everything that players will need to make characters or make use of the pre-generated characters. Like the Book of Kai Wisdom, there are basic and advanced rules. The differences between a basic and advanced character look small, but have more impact on the power of the characters. Players have a very limited list of equipment to choose from, it fits on one sheet of paper. Magical powers are few in number and lack a lot of what most people will expect. Both of these things fits with the setting, but may come as a surprise or turn off players looking for more.

The limited nature of the boxed set is what has me less geeked than I started out. Lone Wolf Adventure Game is an excellent introductory set to the system and setting, but does not seem to have enough to create long lasting campaigns-part of that is the campaign/character advancement system which can take a character from new to end of the line in as few as 5 adventures or as many as 10 to 15. In addition, due to the characters being Kai Lords they have no use for loot, looting, or items of a magical nature; the assumption is that the monastery provides all that characters need, thus no need to loot, etc. all.

I am interested in the next products, but only if they expand the setting and options for both players and game masters.


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