Needed A Break Spam To The Rescue

Holy crap, 500 Words At A Time is taking off. I am trying to keep 500 Words to Monday thru Friday and only one post a day, but I have to tell you I spent this weekend writing 500 Word posts. Currently, I could go two weeks, at one post a day, without ever having to write anything else. Of course this won’t work for me, but…as you can see I needed a fun break from writing. Enjoy your spam.


Massachusetts the gradual pilot heart disease spam,

Some states, such as Massachusetts, are very gradual. Should you have a heart disease, let’s face it, you won’t become a pilot.

At least in Massachusetts you won’t.


Did I know that spam?

Just like any author knows, there may be a mechanical facet to writing, or possibly a creative aspect.

Creative writing?  Never…write to shock, write to get attention, but not never creatively.


Spam of my dreams,

Dreaming of this hottie

Which hottie?


Spam exercise plan

You can also also pay to produce a virtual workout plan emailed to you daily.

Virtual workout sounds good to me.


Creepy spam

Your home is valueble to me. Many thanks!…

But I don’t live in a home


Software and carry out spam

The greater part of software sellers of India are generally known for ones own quality of carry out.

Do you get to see the menu before deciding on software?


That’s how snow melts spam

During winter, regarding instance, look for an area where the exact snow melts earlier. These are mainly made from an gathered Fat, fatty acids actually and greases.

Next winter I am dumping the fryer on the porch to clear the ice


Online dating sewage spam

Online dating has become extremely popular. Still dripping wet sewage may source water and digestive enzymes to the grasses or bushes.

And that is why I don’t recommend online dating, too much dripping wet sewage


Canadian transformer spam

Canada holds Hank Snow, Shania twain and Anne Murray. Then human beings are transformed out of instruments to musicians, mystic musicians.

And you thought Canada only did Tim Horton’s and hockey.


Sorry spam

Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your tremendous writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!

I too miss my tremendous writing, sorry. 😦


Manifestation of what spam

How loads of of them normally would actually lend themselves to sexual manifestation of Juggalettes? The device starts with content of Loopy Clown Posse’s files.

I guess I should be happy that ICP is reading my blog


Calorie consuming spam

Any low calorie consumption consumption appliance may be powered but now solar panel system.

Is double the consumption twice as good calorie wise?


Now that’s what I’m talking about spam

WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for electric vibrator

If this was only true.


Pocket sized what spam

One day when walk with my pocket-size son, attending to this matter is the upshot of a resourcefulness dearth.

Those are some big pockets


Pub what spam

Thanks for publicing this good information.

Better than privlicing


European Holiday spam

Europeans who normally capture a Spanish christmas holiday are watching and thus waiting.

See that is what is wrong with American Christmas we don’t have to capture anything.


18 wheeling, potty trained, marathon running spam

A person running the Philadelphia marathon this year? A little might be considered to be absolutely potty trained, at this time still have 18 wheelers.

Potty training seems to me to be a must when running


Next few weeks should be interesting as the holidays and breaks and college collide.  Until next week.


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