500 Words At A Time: Day of Firsts

8/2/11, this was the date of my first class and my first thoughts about college. A tiny factoid, this thought was originally a Facebook Note. This will give you a great idea of where I started.

“Where am I?”

-A. Bourdain

studentFor those of you who don’t know, which probably won’t be anyone that reads this, today was my first day of school.  To sum up, “the more that things change the more they stay the same.”  I was prepared, after years of watching Barb go to school, for World War III in the form of paper, pencils, a calculator (I still don’t know how to use it), water bottle, music/movie player, tablet, and anything else that I could think of.  I was carrying about 10 pounds in crap, not including books.

What I got was a very entertaining day and nothing like either of us expected.  Bare in mind that Barb’s classes went as planned, it was mine that were not like we thought.  To start I was the only one in most of the classes with any kind of preparation.  It was not needed.  The over-preparation only got worse as it dawned on me that for the most part the tablet we bought for me to use will not be used.  For one thing none of my classes require anything more than a pen or pencil and a notebook.  For another thing, and more important, despite being shown classrooms with plugs for computers those plugs are not in any of my classes.  Instead plugs reserved for people in classes better than mine.  Given that at some point during the day I would need to plug in the tablet it aint gonna happen.

I saw lots of big eyes, chubby faces, and people that looked like they were totally out of their element.  I guess getting away for the first time is a big deal to someone who isn’t me.  There was one boy who looked so scared that I almost gave him a hug.  There were plenty of guys with backwards hats and girls with stuff written on their butt.  Seriously, why on either of them?  I can’t take you seriously.  Just can’t.  It wasn’t until my third class that I saw someone other than a professor who was older than me.  I wasn’t expecting people my age and since I don’t dress my age it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

Speaking of dress, my usual code of combat boots, jungle cammies, T-shirt, and military backpack got a lot of stares.  Not some, a lot.  Given that we have seen tons of people in cammies around town prior to school starting, the amount of stares from students was a surprise to me.  However, it turns out that cammie wearers in town are townies and hunters.  On campus=WEIRDO!!!  So once again, being me is not being part of the crowd.  Ah well, fuck them backward-hat-wearing-words-on-your-ass-baby-faces.  Which ties back into my, “the more they change the more they stay the same” statement.  I will have to wear my new clothes for speeches, but beyond that if I can find a hat to wear backwards and some jeans (shaking my head), I could blend in just fine.

As long as I don’t talk.  Unfortunately, I talk and I talk a lot.   I was the first to talk in my first class.  I even used the words screwed over and told the Fedex story.  I talked to some students in the second class (the second class did not have a Professor, just some guy who took attendance, told us we had to be back Wed & Fri for a movie and NO he did not know what the movie was…from door to door 4 minutes flat).  In the third class, I talked to more students in the hall and when it was my turn to speak in front of the class did it like the pro that I am.  I even spoke to a couple of my professors.  So while other students ran in and out of classes, sulked in the seats, and tried to stay out of the way I was running towards the oncoming headlights waving my arms and screaming at my top of lungs.

So at the end of the day I am feeling pretty good about all of the classes.  Even the math, Barb helped me get what I didn’t get and I got it.  Did that make sense?  Keep in mind, I have sounded this geeked about stuff before, and had it blow up so don’t be surprised…

“That makes my face want to turn inside out.”

-A. Bourdain


6 thoughts on “500 Words At A Time: Day of Firsts

    1. Ankoku1331

      Given my thoughts on the student body, words written on an ass (mule) would be appropriate. However, in this case that most inane of clothing trends of words such as juicy or pink splayed across the backend or rear of pants that women, here at least, chose to wear.

  1. And, on a separate note: Have you read Anthony Bourdain’s crime novels? I read Gone Bamboo a while back, and I just picked another one up yesterday on my annual book-buying spree.

    1. Ankoku1331

      I have read Bone in the Throat and his book on Typhoid Mary. Both are good. Even used the Typhoid Mary book in a paper in a history class, surprised the hell out of the professor.

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