My Time Watching Fallout 4

I would love to tell you how much fun I had playing Fallout 4, but I never got to play. I got to watch for the entire weekend and I’m happy I got to watch, because that means that someone other than me is playing a game. Still, I too would like to have had a chance to wander the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Barb, longing for another Skyrim-esque game, and Elder Scrolls Online not working for her, set her eyes upon Fallout 4 after seeing the commercial with the dog. Having never played a Fallout game before she was curious, but hesitant that my description of “Skyrim with guns,” would be for her. It did not take long for her to like Fallout 4.

Barb has a compulsive, yes I said compulsive, need to investigate every nook and cranny of RPG worlds and take anything that is not nailed down or that gets her in trouble, i.e. getting caught stealing in Skyrim. She explored every part of Vault 111 and this is the game’s tutorial mode. She exited the vault with a truckload of loot.

Then she proceeded to painstakingly loot every single house in the town nearby. So slow. Painfully slow. That is how she played Skyrim and that is how she is playing Fallout 4. While slow she has discovered things I would not have found on a first run through and she has more than enough stuff to last her for quite the while. She saved at the bridge before the next town.

Inspired by her mother, our girl wanted to play, the following morning (yesterday) she started her game. There were differences immediately, our girl had a goal-get the Pip Bo, then get the video game, then leave the Vault, then get the dog. With those goals in mind she blasted so quick through the tutorial that she left a lot behind and got me close to nausea watching her onscreen movements.

Exiting the vault with minimal gear, she bolted for where the dog was, goals complete our girl didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, her brother and mother came to rescue and started giving her suggestions. Which is how our girl ended up in the next town. SPOILER ALERT: She quickly and I mean quickly eliminated all of the bandits, claimed the power armor, headed home for repairs, and called it a game.

Our girl done with her lightning round, our boy sat down to play. I had to stop watching him play. He ran, RAN through the vault gathering the weapons, some ammo, the Pip Boy, and the video game before exiting the vault. Once outside, he too got the dog, and having seen what his sister did bolted for the next town. Screw exploration, he wanted the shiny toy. Except that he didn’t pay attention how to use the VAT system and used his gun like he does in Destiny-Spray and Pray.

Problem with that, is in Destiny he has a lot of ammunition. In Fallout 4, he died to molerats when his ammunition ran out. Plus, in Destiny he can double jump and throw grenades to get out of trouble. Fallout 4, not so…no, not at all. His time in the wasteland, came to an end as quick as it started.

Children done and Barb mostly done with her homework, returned to the wasteland and went to bed very late…but she now had at least three truckloads of stuff… 🙂


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