500 Words At A Time: The First of Many Things I Will Miss

When thinking about the things I will not miss, I cannot help thinking about the things I will miss. Yes, despite the negativity my time at Ferris State University has had many positive moments. Here are the first of many things I will miss…

Sense of Accomplishment. I will miss that immediate sense of accomplishment that comes with completing an assignment. Sure this will happen in my daily life, but college has a lot more of these moments due to the pace.

Wandering. I will miss wandering around campus and getting into places where I am not supposed to be. Such as meetings, luncheons, and maintenance only rooms. I enjoyed exploring the campus and finding lots of little things that made me smile.

Wildlife. I will miss the wildlife. I do not mean the students. I mean actual wildlife like deer, falcons, and rabbits among other wildlife that is abundant on and around campus.

Professors. I will miss all but four of the professors who I have had the privilege of interacting with. Some more than others, but that is a whole series of 500 Words.

The Arabic Community. I will miss the Arabic community. Ferris State has a large population from Saudi Arabia and other Arabic nations. Other than one neighbor who did not want to talk to anyone, every Arabic individual and family we have met and interacted with have been amazing. The first friend our girl watched move away, moved back to Saudi Arabia with her family. Further, watching the support network that they have for each other is wondrous and inspiring.

Opportunity. I will miss the numerous opportunities that have been presented, discovered, and taken advantage of by me here. Nowhere else will I have as many opportunities to do what I want, explore what I want to explore, and try something out.

Walking. I will miss walking to and from class. On crappy weather days there is something to see. On good weather days, there is a lot to see and enjoy from the blue skies, white clouds, abundance of trees to people watching.

People Watching. I will miss watching the students. The majority of students are substantially younger than me and I remember what I was like when I was their age. I enjoy watching them in class and out of class. Those students who think they are being clever staring at their crotch for a whole class. Students, mostly male, who wear shorts and flip flops during the coldest of days. The student who has that “AH HA” moment, when the class suddenly makes sense.

Breaks. I will miss the breaks. Holiday breaks, hunting season break, Spring break, mid-winter or mid-whatever break. Only in school are their mandatory break periods. More adult activities need mandatory breaks longer than 15 to 30 minutes.

Teaching. I will miss teaching people other than my children. Not in a formal way, although I did get to do that, but in that way an older person passes knowledge onto younger generations. Stupid things like how to pay and tip for a meal to more important things like what to do before and after a threesome. Yes, both of these things have been things I have had to teach students.

Parking Boots I will miss the yearly event of who will get the first parking boot of the year due to unpaid parking tickets. I will miss watching the react to finding a boot on their car, some of the reactions have been great; such as the person who took everything out of their car and let the car sit for three months.

These are the first of many things I will miss when I graduate.


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