Off To A Good Gaming Weekend

For everyone in our family but me, this is an extended weekend and because everyone has free time they wanted to get in some gaming. Works for me, homework can wait in favor of games with the family. 🙂

In a galaxy right in our living room we played Star Wars Battlefront. If nothing else was good about Star Wars Battlefront, the inclusion of local co-op would make the game one of the best of the year. Thankfully, Star Wars Battlefront is much better than just local co-op. Talk about a good feels game, while I have found a game mode or two that are not my favorites I have not had a bad experience. With the proper mindset of “I’m a trooper on X side and troopers die a lot,” I am having a blast running, gunning, dying, and trying.

The variety of modes that truly are different, is something other games should be paying attention to. Sure in all of them it is me versus other players, but in most modes there are other things that can be done or other ways of interaction. Such as a mode where capturing droids is the fastest way to victory-the droids wander around too making it a bit of a challenge or flying in X-wings or Tie Fighters doing your best to win the dogfight. We haven’t had this much fun in a while with a video game.

On the board game side, our girl wanted to play Monopoly. I really think she wanted to be the banker more than play; in her head banker equaled power. Banker also equals math and that was what her parents wanted her to do. Suffice to say, play was slower than normal while we waited for her to do the math, but do the math she did.

I will skip over all of the game play and focus on the results, I was named Superior Trump after a series of bizarre deals, trades, and purchases took me from having Baltic corner to owning most of the properties. There is no reason I should have won other than some die luck and trades at the right time including trading one red property, Indiana I think, three different times.

While Barb and our girl work in the kitchen on a half-dozen different types of muffins (a “plan” of our girl), I am going to head back into Fallout 4’s wasteland. I don’t have any real complaints about Fallout 4. Bringing up the workshop menu could be easier, but that is a very minor quibble. And the fight with the deathclaw seems a bit early especially when you use the minigun ammunition on bandits. Word of advice, and maybe a SPOILER, when you get the minigun, save the ammunition for the fight with the deathclaw that will happen right after finishing off the bandits. Save yourself some hassle.

Once muffins and lunch are finished, we will be trying out Epic PVP, a kickstarter that arrived yesterday or Apocalypse Choas a four player game of survival on a spaceship. Either way, back to gaming. 🙂


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