Fatten Up the Turkey Spam to the Rescue

When the semester is ongoing I measure time, that is when I bother looking at the calendar, by how many classes there are between now and day X. There are three classes until Turkey Day, which in my not-so-humble opinion is the best holiday.  Sorry, I should say Turkey Day Break.  Following the break is a couple weeks of classes and finals. As you countdown to Thanksgiving, enjoy this tasty snack of spam.


Angry spam

My husband and i finally got a website address from this unique angry customer.

Uniquely angry?


Flashing lights to attract readers spam

Broadway shows develop visitor by having lights and flashing marquees.

Not gonna lie flashing lights do attract my attention.


This MUST mean something spam!

Other Zorpians waitting to meet you…

ME?  Awesome I hope they have T-shirts


Trapped spam?

I would be really useful if any individual can respond to that query. I’m trapped with this issue for very last 7 days and I’m not in a position to discover properties solution for that problem. Any response will be very appreciated. Thank you extremely considerably and have a wonderful day. Apologies for my weak english language. Cheers !

What issue and 7 days?


Let’s pray this is underware spam

The following merchandise is actually some sort of thong style

Some sort?


Are you serious spam,

What are metal containers for carbonated beverages called?

Cans?  Just a guess.  You should Wiki my answer just in case.


Thank you spam,

Anyone online can conclude you enjoy exactly what you are doing.

Problem is that not everyone is online.


What the hell is the lower part spam,

Here lower part happens to be heavier as critical the upper part.

Are we talking about a bell?


I thought the same thing spam,


Seriously?  I wouldn’t have put it that way.


Why in the hell spam,

Hi, i think that i saw you visited my website thus i came to “return the favor”.I am attempting to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

I suppose I should be grateful you are an honest spam thief user of ideas.


Photo advice spam,

Save the bedroom shots for your dearest!

If I do that then how can I bring smiles and gasps to the rest of the world?


I even move spam, spam,

I could not refrain from commenting.

And I could not refrain from posting this.


I wish I could remark back spam,

But want to remark on some general things

Not private or sergeant things?


I did not know that spam,

Infrared toasters virtually have the same dimensions as regular toasters, and do not require special cookware like the microwave oven.

I did not know that.  Did you?


I might agree spam,

Laurie’s performance this is especially true was very nuanced and layered.

If I knew who Laurie was.


Nothing is held back spam,

In Pregnancy Miracle core formula section (The 8 step system) 4 .Nothing is held back.

There is a formula for that?!


See you in a week. I will be the bloated, yet sated guy.


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