500 Words At A Time: Behind the Classroom Door

The classroom is an odd place especially when you have been out of the classroom for a while. Thankfully, not much has changed in the way of classroom presentation-professor up front with podium/computer stand and whiteboard, students in uncomfortable chair-desk things in rows in the middle to back of the classroom. Hell, after five years not much else has changed either as you will see…

Syllabus or Manifesto

Every single class will start off with the syllabus or manifesto. What is the difference? A syllabus will inform you as to classroom expectations and a schedule of things to do. A manifesto will tell you what you cannot do and what is not expected of you and a schedule of things to do. They are similar. The easiest way to tell the difference is how do you feel after reading; a syllabus may get you engaged, but at a minimum will get you informed; a manifesto will leave you wondering why you are in a class where there is so much you cannot do and expectations of you as a person are so low.

Attendance and Respect

Every professor has their own attendance policy. Most are along the lines of miss X classes and lose X grade. Whatever is what I say. I paid for the class and I am a responsible adult, other than needing a Ferris Bueller Day Off or being sick or family needs I will be there. No amount of threating my grade will bother me, but then again I have not cared about grades since day one.

That being said attendance is the first sign of respect for the professor, the class, and the institutional idea of education. Show up to class. I should not have to write that, but there are so many students who do not show up to class. If you miss class, have a valid reason. Not an excuse. When you miss a class do what you can to catch up, but do not use absences to get out of assignments (unless absence is suitable, such as death in family). Be responsible.

Part of attendance is arriving on time. I cannot tell you how many times students show up anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes late. They walk in as if the behavior is normal. It is not. If you cannot arrive within 5 minutes late, do not bother. Your arrival is a disruption to the professor and the class. Have some respect for everyone.

Classroom Behavior

Sleeping in class, go home. Yes, I have witnessed students sleeping in class and caught one student who fell out of her chair while sleeping. Going to talk out loud in class to other students (quiet voice and quick convos are fine with me), you and the other students who you are talking to can get the fuck out. You are not getting anything out of being in class, obviously what you have to talk about is important, and you are disrupting the learning of everyone else in class. Going to listen to your music, Facebook, text, shop, watch porn or anything else other than pay attention, get the fuck out of class. Again you are not getting anything from the class.


Most people procrastinate, wait to the last minute. I get that. Even I procrastinate. That is all. 🙂






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