Wake Up Thoughts

Ever wake up and have to write something? That thought bouncing around your head keeping you from a sound sleep. That has been me this morning. Woke up because I heard a noise. That woke my brain up and off to the races. I tried to go back to sleep, but that first thought started another, then another, and finally I had to get up and write.

I love writing. I do not love not being able to go back to sleep. I am a lousy person to be around when I am sleep deprived. I should say, operating on less than optimal sleep. Sleep deprived brings around images of being awake for days at a time. I have only been up for a few hours and all of that time was spent writing, not watching infomercials.

What thoughts kept me from sleep? College stuff. Nothing immediately important. A couple of 500 Words that I have been having trouble with, one that came out of left field, and what I believe may be my final paper and first game created for college. That last one is a whole other story in a few weeks.

Suffice to say there is stuff on my mind. Writing your magnum opus about the last five years will get those synapses firing at the oddest of times. Showers used to be my “ah ha” moments, now I have them all over the place and at any time. Wandering through the store and see something, such as the umpteenth college student with a shopping cart overloaded with cases of beer topped by a single and sad looking loaf of bread, the next thing I know I have pen in hand writing down the thoughts that go along with that sight.

I know that Speaking Out of Life has moved away from the daily ramblings of the past, but I also know that 500 Words has a life span. When I am done writing about the past 5 years then I am back to writing about whatever. I’m not sure how I feel about that. One of the things I am seeing through 500 Words is the progression from “shits and giggles” to “has a plan, but not sure what the exact plan is.” I’d like to move away from “shits and giggles” and actually have a solid idea of what the next phase is.

Moving the blog is nice, but having a solid blog with a solid identity is better. I have a brand, an unfocused monkey, game, food, life, sex, fiction, etc..brand. See where I am going? I know there is a better way to present my various topics, I need to figure out what I want that to look like and make that happen. I know writing about one topic is unlikely, I have too many interests, so the plan needs to be the best way to present everything to you, the reader. A menu if you will…oh there is a thought…

The thoughts are bouncing around again and the future is taking shape in my head. Now to make that a reality. Three hours later and four posts waiting to be published and I think I am done writing.


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