Epic Fallout Four Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is over. Sad monkey.

Happy monkey, however, realizes that there is two weeks of classes and three finals left to go for the semester. Then a month long Christmas-New Years break. And…drum roll please….16 weeks of classes and done being enrolled in college.

As usual the best laid plans of a break always fall apart. Not in a bad way, just in a different way. There was a general consensus that we were going to play lots of games over break. We did. Just not the games we thought we were going to play.

Halfling SamuraiI would really like to write a comprehensive review of Epic PvP, but I cannot because we have not played enough games. The games we have played have been fast paced, even a three player game lasted less than 20 minutes. Speaking of three player games, did not work as well as 2 player and team player. Epic PvP does not seem to be a good free-for-all game. The various combinations of races and classes can be humorous, see Halfling-Samurai pic and we haven’t found any that don’t work. Still, I don’t feel like I have a grasp on Epic PvP than to write what I just wrote.

We were going to play some other board and card games, but Fallout 4 intruded. Yes, intruded. Barb and I love long, in-depth roleplaying video games such as Morrowwind, Skyrim, and of course Fallout 4. We did not expect the kids to take such an interest in Fallout 4. Where I am enjoying exploring new locations and learning the background of anything and everything I can, Barb is enjoying her usual collect and loot everything (really I mean everything even in the middle of combat). The kids have different likes and goals, our girl wanted Dogmeat the canine companion, once she got Dogmeat (really easy) she has spent her time building her “dream” community in Sanctuary. Our boy wanted the power armor, and any in game video game he could find, which has gotten him in all sorts of situations as he chases down the four in game video game cartridges.

All four of us have ignored the story lines in pursuits of our own goals. I happen to be the farthest along in regards to story lines only because I had to do two or three to become part of the Brotherhood of Steel and honestly the story so far has been pretty meh as far as catching my attention. Exploration, that has been a blast…pardon the pun…pun of blowing up anything and everything where I go. 🙂

By now some of you are thinking, “Fallout 4 is a single player game, how can you play together?” As a family we tend to gather around whomever is playing to…

  • offer advice on locations
  • offer advice on settlement construction-each of us is becoming familiar with a particular element of settlement building-me, defense; Barb, power; our girl, construction of new buildings; our boy…nothing yet he is too busy chasing down collectables.
  • read the game guide to provide information to the person playing; i.e. “there is X, Y, and Z here.”
  • take the controller during hard sections for those not good at combat; everyone but me. 🙂

See family game and moments.

Fallout 4 intruded in another way…Fallout 4 Monopoly


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