500 Words At A Time: Holiday III: Cookie Days

The Christmas tree is up. We found the lights in the place we put them so we would remember where we put them…but we forgot until we opened the box and saw them. You know how that is. Don’t you? The semester is almost over and Christmas is still far enough away that my “travel for the holidays” stress level hasn’t risen yet. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is an annual holiday, Cookie Days.

Cookies Days started when Barb wanted to make some cookies and went on a manic spree of cookie making. So many cookies were made that we put them in tins to give away as gifts AND we still had tons leftover. From that humble, but hungry beginning started the tradition of Cookie Days. Because most people like cookies and really seem to have a thing for Christmas cookies as word of Cookies Days got out people wanted to help. Poor helpers.

thLY6FFFXKBarb is a task master in the kitchen during Cookie Days. I tried to warn each helper, each year, but none of them listened. One helper was kicked out of the kitchen when she could not cut cherries in the right way. Another was kicked out of the kitchen and dinning room when she revealed she had brought her own sugar cookie dough. She brought a quadruple batch and Barb has a very specific schedule of work, unapproved sugar cookie dough really pissed her and her schedule off. Another was kicked out of the kitchen because she couldn’t keep up with Barb’s demanding pace-think Gordan Ramsay of cookies.

Cookies Days, like Thanksgiving, is a day or two where I stay out of the kitchen another reason why Cookie Days is favorite holiday of mine. Since arriving here we have continued Cookie Days, but like every other holiday, the holiday has gotten smaller and smaller. Which is sad because one of the things we like to do with the excess cookies (yes, there are always more than we should eat) is give them away to friends in decorative tins. Plus, in years prior to here, friends were allowed to ask Barb to make specific cookies, her Lemon Bars being requested often and fought over.

Smaller Cookie Days and fewer cookie requests is just another sign of how far we have come in space and time from where we were. Five years ago, enough friends to fill up a Thanksgiving table and to make Cookie Days really days (longest Cookie Days took 3 days). Now, Cookie Days is most of a day, no requests, no helpers (probably a good thing for them), and lots of excess cookies.

As Cookie Days approaches I am looking forward to a house that smells great. Lemon Bars. Have I mentioned the Lemon Bars. Peanut Butter something or the others. There are plenty of other cookies, granted she only bakes three or four types instead of the eight to ten she used to baked. Once again I will miss the friends we haven’t seen in five years and bemoan the excess cookies that we will be forced to eat for another year. 🙂


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