Spam Loves Me! Spam Really Loves Me

I should be writing two posts, one about Suburbia and another about Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game, but I got a few hours of sleep (4 to be exact) and don’t feel up to writing something detail oriented. Besides, you want to read this rather delicious bit of spam that was sent to me.

you there Nathan

Yes this was the title of the email.  Nothing says, “Read ME!” like “you there” and your name. That is a level of personal touch you don’t get often with spam.

If you want a work from home job Nathan which you can do from your computer and is secure yet gives you a great income, I merely the sort of offer to show you today.

Where do I begin? I do want a work from home job, but I am not sure if my computer is that secure and at the moment my computer does not give me any income, but I do appreciate that you (who you, you have not introduced yourself yet) are merely sort of offer to show me this wonderful opportunity to work from home job.

Even Though you therefore are after another source of income, and have employment, then you definitely must look at what I am offering you here today.

I agree, I definitely must look at what you offering here, but a point of order, what have you offered yet? Bad sentence structure aside

I really believe that you do not have to work hard on a regular basis simply to earn huge amounts of money.

Now that is a sales pitch to someone like me, do not have to work hard on a regular basis simply to earn huge amounts of money.  Since huge is a relative term, how much is huge?

This is some thing which can be performed by most people regardless of situation or ability, as for those who own a computer and internet connection, then you can perform this.

Anyone can do this job? Regardless of situation or ability? The dead could do this?  Oh, must have a computer and interweb connection, well that does seem very specific for qualifications and I have to be honest, our interwebs is not the best that it could be, but not because of anything I have done, thus outside of my control.  Does that work in my favor?

With the jobs that are offered on the website, you would not need to depart from your home to do them. They’re employments which you do from the comfort of your own house, and you work whatever hours suit you.

Comfort of home?  Whatever hours suit me? And I can do this regardless of situation or ability?  Holy shitsnacks I am really getting a potential lifelong career chubby.

You just need to go online every day Nathan, may it be a few hours or several hours, the selection is yours, as the more you work this, the more income you’ll be able to make each day.

Well I do get online, I like to look at the pretty pictures.  What is the quantitative difference between a few and several?  That I would need to know in advance, as I do not want any interference with my picture viewing time.

Be sure to find out more about this at (information redacted for the protection of the gullible) and what’s on the page for you to have the ability to work at home on your personal computer today.


Wasn’t that delicious?  I know I am wiping my lips clean.


4 thoughts on “Spam Loves Me! Spam Really Loves Me

  1. You there! Work from home as many dollars begets done. Yes please to tell me, my name Feet-is. Only to press link about information more for you easy.

    I barely get spam these days. I went uber-nuts on my filters, so pretty much I get one a month these days. Usually it’s “great blog” or some other such nonsense, like “this was a very informative article” (and I’m like, awww… this moron has incredibly bad taste in poetry), and the trackback url ALWAYS has a xxx or sex69 or some other ALL PORN ALL THE TIME title.


    Why can’t Harrison Ford spam me? Is that really so much to ask?

    Or Chewbakkuh!

    Chewie spam. Now *that* is something I could sink my teeth into. 😀


    1. Ankoku1331

      I’ve been collecting all of the spam from porn links for one sexy spam post. 🙂 I had my spam settings all tightened down, but I missed the silliness. Harrison Ford is busy making Star Wars films for the good of all humankind-not alienkind as he seems to shoot them. Chewbakkuh, looks like misspelled Hebrew. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It *is* misspelled Hebrew! It’s like Festivus, only hairier. 😛

        I may actually go to the theater (gasp!) to see the new Star Wars. Because, Han Solo.

        I’ll look forward to your sexy spam.


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