A Few More Days

Only a few more days until the end of the semester and I am beyond ready for this semester to be over. Not because this has been a bad semester. Interesting is the word that fits best. I have an Anthropology course where I have not learned anything and the few times where anthropology has intersected with my other courses because I am not learning anything there has been no connection.

What does not learning anything look like? I read a 20 page chapter a week. I answer a question and respond to the answers left by two other students-the latest is students calling Hitler and the Nazis communists-and I take a quiz once a week. There is no other interaction with the professor. I do not know what I have gotten wrong on any of the quizzes. That is not learning to me.

The philosophy class has been eye opening, both in content and making previous content make sense. Its like getting a joke months later. I understand a lot of what I learned last year. Very cool. The Mass Media class has been educational, fun, and frustrating. The frustrating has to do with my feeling that the wrong students are in the class. Despite the communication aspect, I think and have said to a few people, that Tech-Comm students would get a lot more out of the class and contribute a ton. The fun and educational aspects are obvious, I now have a much better understanding of how a lot of the technology I use works. If you are like me, you have not given much thought to how stuff works. Hell, when my final paper-game or game-paper is finished for Mass Media it will be the best, most fun, and most useful paper I have ever done here.

Classes aren’t the problem or the reason why I am ready for this to be over. I am tired. I am tired of living on a schedule that doesn’t suit me or my needs anymore. I am tired of work that for the most part (prior semesters more than this one) is of little interest to me. I am tired of the red-tape run-around. I am tired. I am more than ready to move onto the next step/phase of life. I am also ready/looking forward to have one last semester where I work on something important to me, my magnum opus of the last 5 years, 500 Words. You may have read one or two of the rough drafts (very rough depending on my “editors” mood).

Right now, more than anything, I am looking forward to having a few days in a row with the family where we can play or resume some games. 🙂



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