Alpaca (s) (‘s) Love Spam Too

AlpacaI enjoy spam, I especially enjoy spam when the spam gets through the filter and onto a post as a comment. I have all comments moderated on all of my blogs, thus you never see the spam, but I do. Often I am left wondering, “What the hell does this have to do with…oh it’s spam.”

This was one of those moments. The post, as you will see if you take the link, is not about computers or laptops, but about fuzzy alpacas, and…I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  The spam, however…

But with this occasion I believe a netbook is really a netbook and laptop is often a laptop.

What occasion? I feel that I missed out on an appetizer of spam before this offering. Are netbooks and laptops cause for belief? Is a laptop a laptop by any other name?

With college loans, grants and financing becoming simpler to receive, and much more plentiful, this adds on the total dollars of non-discretionary funding for individuals.

I think this is an appeal to get extra money to spend as you see fit and not spend on college related materials. Loans do seem more viable than blood and semen donation for beer.  Then again, when I get out of college I will still have blood and semen to donate whereas with the loans I have a bill for more money than the loan…maybe I should cancel the loans and get busy.

Best place to buy laptops for college These tips are although best five performance enhancing techniques yet it is possible to go for a lot of more appropriate tips and practices when the PC continues running slow and performing low.

What is the best place? Five performance enhancing techniques? Where are they? What are they?  Stupid spam!

That depends upon what you may need and the type of external laptop charger that you find.

The external charger is related to my needs, college loans, if a laptop is a laptop, and enhancing performance? Who knew?

I polled my girlfriends and family for his or her top laptop backpacks and the Oakley Computer Bag 2.

To the spammer, did you mean girlfriends, as in more than one girlfriend in which case you may be in trouble should this post be seen by any one of them or did you mean girlfriend’s, as in singular? Just asking. Totally glossing over why you would poll her…wait that relates to the performance enhancing techniques and needing extra money doesn’t it? Clever spam, this wasn’t about netbooks or laptops, but about how to get and keep your girlfriend (s) (‘s) with extra money, performance enhancing techniques, and poll or two. 🙂


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