500 Words At A Time: Bitter Sweet, Like Chocolate

The last week of a semester is like chocolate for me. There are times when I want chocolate. Not that often, as I find chocolate to be bitter like coffee. I have a feeling that is what I will be feeling in a few months as well. Right now, the next to last semester is almost over, one final to go and I am feeling that chocolate feeling.

I want this semester to be over. I want my chocolate. This semester has been equal parts fun and frustrating. Plenty of fun in two classes. Fun includes learning and with the learning connecting the dots from previous classes. Philosophy connected dots with previous philosophy classes and mass media made more things that I expected not only make sense, but become useful in unexpected ways. The Ladder of Love, makes sense now. Putting my game design skills to create (attempt) to create a simulation of a mass communication event, fun and given meaning to many things discussed in class. With this semester over there is only one to go. The sweet.

The frustration of the semester revolves around a wasted class and students who are wasting their time. I can do nothing about either other than “suffer” through and know that at some point their will be consequences for both. For the class, I can only hope a professor who cares takes over. For the students, a dead end job is in their future unless they turn their shit around. The school stepped into the frustration arena with an after the fact tuition increase, which totally fucked our budget and now financial aid issues. Still we trudged on through to the end. The bitter.

I am one step away from the end. This was another semester spent meeting people who in a few days will most likely move on, as they should. I will see them in passing (on the way to somewhere) where we will stop for a few seconds, “catch up,” and move on. This is the way it has been and will be. Friends at jobs, friends in wherever we are living, and now friends at school. Perhaps I should change that to acquaintances, as I have learned to keep in touch with people who are friends-social media at work. 🙂 Still there are people I meet in classes who I had fun with who I will not see again. The bitter, although not as bitter as coffee.

There is that unknown quantity that comes with the end of each semester. Typically, the unknowns are what will the next semester be like-good or bad? What will I do with the information I have amassed? Who will I see and keep in touch with over the rest of the year? Now, other unknowns are marching into the picture. The largest unknown is what will happen in a few months; will Barb have a job offer before graduating, will I have job offer or direction to go, moving, and so on-life issues. Bitter.

In the end, bitter sweet like chocolate.


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