500 Words At A Time: Writing Curfuddle

I don’t have writer’s block. I have writer’s curfuddle, yes you can use the term. Writer’s block is an inability to write anything. I can write stuff, the words aren’t cooperating. When you go to or back to college, be prepared to do a lot of writing. Next to procrastination, writer’s block will be your biggest problem completing all of the writing you will be required to do. Yes, required.

There will be writing assignments in classes that have nothing to do with writing at all. There will be more writing assignments in classes that are about writing or reading…sorry, literature. Most of the writing assignments will not apply to you other than being in the class. Get used to the thought of these assignments. I like writing. I do not like writing about things that don’t apply to me. But, I did them.

So what is writer’s curfuddle? You have or want to write something. You have an idea, maybe even the best idea possible, and when you sit down in front of the computer or paper the words refuse to form sentences that make any sense. That’s right, refuse to form sentences. I absolve myself of responsibility for the words and sentences. They, the words, are being willful.

What does willful words have to do with college beyond the obvious, there will be writing, lots of writing? I have five or six 500 Words that have been avoiding me. Not me avoiding them. Each time I sit down to write them, something which usually happens without incident these five or six are curfuddling me. Try as I might, the words that will give the idea shape, refuse to take shape.

Try as I might, the 500 Words about sex, professors, and pharmacy are not coming together…not a post about sex with pharmacy professors or some variations on the those three words. I have been trying to write about my experiences with the topic of sex on this campus, which has not been as positive or open minded as one would expect from a college campus. I have been trying to write about the professors I have met and gotten to know who had a positive affect upon me, but for whatever reason it sounds more like a report card than what I had in my mind. I have been trying to write about my love-hate relationship (one-sided relationship) with the pharmacy department and I do not want it to sound like a rant, like it does now.

Funny thing is that all of the posts have around 500 Words, which means I was able to create sentences and ideas, but they bother me. That is writer’s curfuddle. And writer’s curfuddle is slowing me down. I have a long list of 500 Words to write and some of them even have an order, which is important to the process and experience. I don’t have…well I do have time for writer’s curfuddle, but I don’t want to deal with it. Just thankful, the semester is over and I only have to write for me…once the curfuddle is over.



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