Into the Kitchen

The writing curfuddle continues or maybe I am ignoring the curfuddle in favor of taking a few days to enjoy my time off and play games with the kids. I think that is more in line. Now that I have admitted the truth, 500 Words will be on hiatus until after Christmas. Perhaps the curfuddle storm will have passed. If not, I have other 500 Word topics to write about.

With that out of the way, I spent most of my day so far in the kitchen. Kitchen and cooking always take a hit the few weeks before the end of a semester. As projects come due and finals move closer the focus around here becomes food that does not require a lot of effort. I hate this time. I would rather have the time in the kitchen. At least that is coming to an end in a few months.

After playing refrigerator Fear Factor, tossing out the leftovers and “hey what is this containers.” I try to get other people to play refrigerator Fear Factor because I know what mold does to food and the many wonderful colors nature is capable of making on forgotten food. And the smells…make that gag inducing STANK, I can do without. Unfortunately, the kids had a half-day of school and Barb was visiting with her friend.

Girding my loins and wishing I had a gas mask, I made a stack of containers. I based my stack on what I thought what be worse to open and dispose of. I was wrong. A lot. I made it through the old asian sauces (plum, peanut, and terriyaki). I made it through the mystery meats (chicken, pork, and steak). I made it through the mystery packages (sausage, unknown, and onion). I gagged at leftover spaghetti. Overall, I chalk this up as a win. Plus I have room in the refrigerator for the new stuff…that I will throw out later. 🙂

Next up the missing sauces and jars of goodness. I like to have a jar of fried garlic oil, a jar of chili oil, and a jar of burnt onions. All three of these jars take ramen from ramen to Ramen; to get RAMEN requires more work, but that is another story. At some point over the last month, I must have thought I was out of garlic, because I found two and a half bags of garlic. That is a lot of garlic.

Peeling garlic was an chore. Mincing seven heads of garlic was a chore. Frying the garlic was fun. But that still left a lot of garlic. Which is how I find myself with six foil wrapped heads of garlic and a house that vampires will not come near to for weeks. Once the garlic cools a bit they are getting smashed and chopped for mixing into the room temperature butter.

Being in the kitchen with multiple dishes on the stovetop at one time feels good; getting back to something I love doing. When I am done with this post, I am heading back into the kitchen to make more food. 🙂


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