Exploding Kittens Against Humanity

Having recently woke up from a long nap after a long night I thought I would ask the question of the night, “How do you adult?”

What happens when three parents who have not much more than a few hours at a time away from their children get together for a sleepover, the children sleepingover, not the adults? If you are us, you spend several hours trying to figure out what to do while making sure that the children are not destroying the place, but having kid fun. I am positive many parents who read this will instantly understand what I am talking about.

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: You have found a way to keep your children occupied for a night or finally gotten a sitter. You have the opportunity to do “something,” what do you do?

After endless hours talking about what you used to do, what you can’t do around here, what you might do “if,” and being a parent you realize you have been talking for hours about what to do and doing nothing. Emboldened by the process of working out that you as a person can think about doing something without the kids, but paralyzed by the process to get there, you…

break out the alcohol and card games.

Exploding Kittens NSFWYes, we went full on gamer parent with occupied children needing some relaxation time. Drinks near by, hands dealt, we three adults played Exploding Kittens NSFW edition and continued talking about being parents and students, the two things we had been talking before hand. It was sad. You would have thought we were on the extreme end of fandom of Star Trek, unable to have a conversation without breaking out in Klingon, except our Klingon was our kids and school.

Thankfully, a few drinks and several hands of Exploding Kittens we moved out of the realm of kids and school into the realm of kids and school, but mixed more and more with the text on the cards and other interests we have or used to have before kids and school. While I may be the Exploding Kittens SFW edition master at home, last night I was the NSFW bitch. I exploded first and often.

For those who don’t know Exploding Kittens has a SFW and a NSFW edition. Functionally there is no difference between the two editions. Visually there is and young children or those without a sense of humor should avoid the NSFW edition. The rest of us should be playing the NSFW edition, and often.

Tired of exploding, I…actually it was the other adults who wanted to play Cards Against Humanity. I have not enjoyed playing Cards Against Humanity. It’s not the game. It’s not the cards. Cards Against Humanity really really needs like minded people to play for maximum fun and these like minded people need to be like minded like me. Previously to last night that had not happened. People trying not insult, be rude, or have a mind in the gutter make Cards Against Humanity a painful experience, one that I was not eager to repeat. Then (drum roll), an adult who made the game fun and I got to see what people have been raving about.

Witness, for the win…Cards Against Humanity


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