500 Words At A Time: Bow Ties and Ma-Chet-Te, Part II

At this point, provided you read yesterday’s post, you know that Minneapolis is cold depending on season and duration of car trip. You know that bow ties, even when worn by well intention and individuals who ask good questions cause me to laugh…

This was one of my few trips away from my family and I was missing them. After the poster presentation and buffet-award ceremony I spent some time in the lobby of the hotel where other people like me, who had bum legs, waited for the people (Paul and Liz) who wanted to see presentations to finish seeing presentations. While waiting and missing my family, I was visited by a very precocious toddler who amused the parent in me. The toddler kept his family very occupied, at one point during my wait the toddler found his way to the second floor of the hotel where he waved and shouted from the balcony to his surprised family below.

Parent energy amused, recharged, and thankful I was not chasing any of my children around the hotel we sought out other amusements. Oh crap, I almost forgot about the Herbalife conference. Wanting something to do for myself I tried to get into the Herbalife EXTRAVAGANZA. What can I say, I saw tons of people with bright green shirts and swag and I wanted some. I stood in line or should I say in herd with them waiting to get into the next presentation. While waiting I watched through the door and what I saw had me very excited:

On stage dancing without inhibition, like overly drunk women at the bar, were six people to the Macarana. The every expanding audience shouted, hooted, waved their hands, and sang like it was tent revival show. The energy was beyond amazing and funny as all hell to me. I really wanted to sit through this and get my bright green swag. Unfortunately, two ladies next to me were talking about how they really hoped this presentation did not go two hours like the last one. Two hours was more time than I had to spare and I extracted myself…swagless.

Here are the things I can tell you about Minneapolis, other than the weather:

On the weekends the walkway shops and restaurants are closed. When downtown, these walkway shops are advertised as the best way to get around downtown and the place to shop and eat. Unless it is a weekend and then they are advertised…the same way, only nothing is open. It was a good way to get around town.

The hotel sushi place was awesome. The sushi chefs even better. We got free deserts one night. Free sushi and appetizers the next night. There was a combo Chinese and Sushi restaurant near the conference hotel, as always similar combo food joints the food is passable for both, rarely great for either.

Late at night, two or three in the morning there seems to be a Minneapolis based Fast and Furious group who raced around downtown. The farting sounds of their engines echoing down the streets and up the buildings, which for someone (me) who is a light sleeper this was problematic and had me wondering on the soundness of the building; I shouldn’t be hearing street level noises that high up.

There was a bar, I am horrible with names of places in other states where I have only been once, that played good music, didn’t check ID’s, had some really good beers, and fish and chips. That bar was a good evening of conversation and bonding. Another night, when passing said bar Paul demonstrated his dancing-they were checking ID’s that night and that is why we know about the good the sushi and service.

And late at night, after a couple of beers and a ton of sushi, in a foreign city Syfy channel is a great source of bonding and humor, but that is another 500 Words.


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