500 Words At A Time: Bow Ties and Ma-Chet-Te, Final

tiger“Meow bitch!” Ving Rhames mugs for the camera as he finishes off the wonderfully horrible zombie tiger (see picture) with some impromptu weapon.

What do you do after a conference, bow ties, dancing in front of a pub (not me), and a lot of sushi in a foreign land? Why if you are an American you return to your hotel room that you are sharing, to watch television. In this case Syfy.

I should mention that getting to our hotel room required Liz’s assistance. For whatever reason, the elevator required a swipe key to get above the fifth floor and ours never worked. We would go up, then down, then up again, never getting past the fifth floor unless someone else happened to be going there or as in most trips, Liz was there. Without her much of the trip might have been spent in the lobby or the elevator or one of the first five floors.

Safely ensconced in our hotel room, thank you Liz, buzzed on Sapporo and sushi we did what all adults do, talked about people we know while watching some of the best bad television that SyFy had to offer that night. We were laughing at the zombies and “plot” and “action.” Snorting and falling off the bed happened at “Meow bitch.”

Machete-Wallpaper-machete-14695551-1680-1050This is Ma-Chet-Te. I had never seen Ma-Chet-Te. I had heard about the glorious, wondrous nature of Ma-Chet-Te. I know that Danny Trejo is a great thespian, up there with the other greats like…Mel Gibson or that guy from the Micromachines commercials. I was not prepared for the greatness.

With the sound turned down, we were talking, the only words that came through clearly were “Ma-Chet-Te.” I have no idea why everyone said Machete in three distinct syllables, but it made an impact on Paul and I. That and the actor who turned a progressively brighter shade of orange as the story played out. At the start of the movie he was vaguely flesh tone by the end he was close to neon orange-at least where the prop people had remembered to apply the spray paint. Honestly, when asked, I think the movie was about Ma-Chet-Te killing everyone in sight with anything nearby and occasionally with a Ma-Chet-Te. I don’t care, it was awesomeness at the right time.

The next morning…no month…no years later…”Ma-Chet-Te” brings a smile to the face and a brief laugh. Say it with me…


Any idea what the Mall of America is?

  • If your answer was parking nightmare, you were correct.
  • If your answer was another mall, you are correct.
  • If your answer where I would nearly die with glee in Spongebob Land, you would be correct.

Mall of America where two of us had never been, but heard of, was where we wanted to spend our free time on. Just like Americans on vacation, head to the mall. 🙂 It is for all intents in purposes, a mall. A giant mall to be sure, but inside just like every other mall in America. Pain in the ass parking. Tons of stores I have no interest in. Two stores-a game store and a bookstore-that I was interested in. Lots of people and plenty of food choices that only belong in malls. And Spongebob Land; a theme park, shopping mecca, and a holy or should be holy place for people like me who believe in the message of Spongebob, Patrick, or Mr. Krabbs. It was for a brief moment, before the angry mothers, the best time I have had in a mall.

In Conclusion: After three posts you can now say that you know next to nothing about Minneapolis. What you can say is that the first out of state conference I went to, I had a good time, still laugh at bow-ties, and learned the joys of Ma-Chet-Te among other things. If nothing else, these reasons alone are why you should take part in programs that allow you to show off how smart you are…crap I haven’t talked about the research…well that is another 500 Words. 🙂




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