Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game, All About Choice

“I’m bored.”

“Can I move my character to another location?”

“How come I can only do one thing at a time?”

“There isn’t as much interaction as Pathfinder.”

It took a while, thank you holidays, but we played a full game (non-tutorial) of Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game (WQACG). The quotes are just a few from our game. My impression is that WQACG is missing a lot. For the video gamers, think day one downloadable content.

The lack of character choice, bugged everyone, but that paled in comparison to the lack of choice and lack of interaction. When faced with a monster, the natural inclination is to attack. What if you used your attack action? Then you have to choose to an action that may allow the monster to attack you, but you can do no damage to the monster. Good example: Our boy used his attack the previous turn, killed the monster facing him. Unfortunately due to monster abilities on the table (Prey), ended up with two more facing him for his next turn. With his attack action used, he had to choose from:

Explore: Search the location and monsters may do damage to him.

Rest: Heal and the monsters may do damage to him.

Aid: Assist someone else and the monsters may do damage to him.

None of those options are appealing, but that is how turns for everyone progressed. We are used to games where we make decisions based on what we are encountering. If we don’t have the resources we deal with it, in WQACG the decisions are made for you or at least the pool of options is. We figured a few ways to use actions to get actions for other characters, BUT by giving another character an action another character was taking an action that may not have been best for them. Good example: Since I had a lot of hit points, I choose to heal myself and Barb’s character, what I wanted to do was attack the monster in front of me.

There are going to be people who like having to make those kinds of decisions, but we like choice more. Interaction was another issue. We never felt like we were working together. Yes, we could use our actions to do stuff to or for another player, but it never felt like anything happened; i.e. “you may ready an action or here is a free success on your next action or heal a hit point.” In other games, the characters interact in a more satisfying fashion that feels cooperative and substantive than in WQACG.

The difficulty of WQACG is on the medium-low side. We won the adventure, never really felt challenged, only constrained. The nemesis (villain for Pathfinder fans) was interesting at first, but ultimately annoying as the nemesis kept popping up, again and again. It got to the point where we stopped killing him until the very end of the game just because we knew that he would miraculously resurrect in a turn or two.

Choice really did standout. There were four locations, but characters could only be at one at a time. Characters could only perform one action at a time and not always the most optimal action. There were only four characters to choose from. There are only five adventures and so on…To wrap this up, WQACG has gone into our game closet. I will be keeping an eye out for future content in the hopes that future content will address our concerns and open up game play.



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