Reflecting On The Year in Blogging 2014

Note from the Management: Reflecting on the Year in Blogging 2014 was originally posted on Scrawlings of a Mad Man (now defunct). I thought as 2015 comes to an end that I would post this as a baseline for Reflecting on the Year in Blogging 2015. Tomorrow, 2015.

This was my first blog.  This blog still holds a place in my heart, even though I do not write here daily as I do on Speaking Out on Life.  I like this blog, the way this blog has evolved; one week or so a post where I can write about those things that I do not write about elsewhere, but that is not totally true either.  I had to start a private blog where I could write about sex.

There is something about writing to a very public and very large audience or potential audience that I enjoy.  I am not looking for fame or fortune as a blogger, if that were to happen I would not turn my nose up at the opportunity, but I do like being able to write about what I want when I want.  Unless that subject is sex and then someone somewhere gets their nose or panties in a bunch, then I get my blog restricted from the very people that I enjoy writing too, the audience of the world.  However, writing in private to a limited audience while entertaining at first quickly lost the appeal as I knew the audience, they knew me, and as a result conversation was limited.

I enjoy the conversations.  Sure I do not get as much conversation as I used to, but that is part and parcel of what I write or don’t write about these days.  I hardly expect anyone to say anything about the rants I post here, unless that someone happens to be from the college, but what could they say other than sorry.  Foodies, Gamers, and other people over on Life keep quiet.  Not sure why. Most likely because I am not writing anything worth commenting on, even when I wrote about Robotech RPG Tactics, there wasn’t much conversation.  I wrote about the issues and problems that I encountered, found, and experienced while working with the game.  There was no rant because, each post had a purpose.  Over on Brainstorm, there are no conversations at all.  That is because we are new and writing to a niche audience, gamers who enjoy reading about the process of creating a role-playing game.

There is, for me, a joy in seeing a comment from someone asking a question or presenting something that I did not write about.  I can respond to them and provided they respond back a conversation starts that anyone who reads that post can enjoy and add to if they so desire.  That happened a lot when I wrote about sex.  There were posts where the comments were twice as long as the post and would spin off onto other blogs and posts on my blog and other peoples blogs.  There was a sense of community.  It was a very welcoming community.

I do not seek praise.  I seek conversation, communication, and constructive criticism.  I enjoy when people ask questions, or point out other aspects that I did not write about.  Those are the reasons other than my love of writing that I blog.  I just wish that I could really write about what I want to write about.  Unfortunately…well you know the story.


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