Reflecting On The Year In Blogging 2015

Yesterday, I posted my 2014 reflection as a baseline to see how things have progressed or regressed. If I had to describe this year in blogging…my year in blogging in one word, I would choose, consolidation. Throughout the year I was posting on Scrawlings of a Mad Man, Brainstorm Overload, and this one, Speaking Out on Life. At some point, I made up my mind to consolidate all three blogs together to create one place where you could find everything I write/wrote about.

In hindsight, maybe not the best of ideas given the limited options WordPress has for blog organization. Pages are nice, but pages are not the best option when attempting to create a connected, yet separate section on a blog. Witness, if you can, the side bar full of header pages and sub-pages. Ever wonder why I haven’t added more subpages once the consolidation began, as I said I would? I got tired of seeing ever expanding drop down menus that made navigation confusing and off-putting. Then, while using my iPad and friend’s phone I discovered that inspite of having the mobile settings enable, parts of Speaking Out in Life are not visible or accessible. Talk about a kick in the consolidation pants.

However, before I discovered that, I went through the agonizing decision to strip and close down Scrawlings of a Mad Man. In the end, after everything that Scrawlings of a Mad Man had been through-numerous name and content changes (thank you people who can’t read about human sexuality without freaking out and thank you WordPress for supporting them. Yes, still irked by that.)-I decided to put the blog of out its misery. Brainstorm Overload was easier, I hadn’t been posting there regularly and my content was not received as well as the other author’s. I have my thoughts on why and decided to strip that material out and post it here.

Unfortunately, I was staring at a pile of files and work paralysis set in. To much to look at. To much to edit before posting. Slowly, but surely I made files of the files and set on a course of action. Which is how Speaking Out on Life ended up with a new look and a lot of content. The plan was to continue adding more, but the pages and lack of visibility put a stop to that on my end. I started consolidation with a plan and now my plan is on hold.

Then 500 Words came along. A need to put the last five years in some sort of context, to vent, to praise, and mostly to get some sense of closure. A paper that says I graduated is not enough for me. 500 Words, even at 53 posts, has given me and Speaking Out on Life something that neither have had in a while, purpose and direction. Strange to write that out, but since I started Speaking Out on Life, I have written about whatever was on my mind or that I was doing. Given that tended to be a lot of games and cooking-that I write about infrequently-Speaking Out on Life felt as disconnected as I have been feeling here. 500 Words has allowed me to give voice to a lot of the last five years from the obvious to the subtle, such as how being here has impacted our holidays.

Here we are at the end of 2015 and the word started out as consolidation and has ended with purpose. I have purpose for much of what I have been writing and posting. Even Spam has a purpose, which is to amuse me and hopefully you.

Thank you to everyone who visits and reads. I appreciate my readers and strive to provide content that you will enjoy. A special end of the year thank you to Shannon who reads and then tells me all of the editing mistakes I have made (yes, I do fix them). If you notice the mistakes going down, you have her to thank. Have a good and safe New Year.


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