YAGging Through The Year

Research MonkeyHello, I am your Research Monkey PHD. The boss is out of the office and in the kitchen preparing a feast for your New Years celebration, which he seems to be determined to eat his way through. While he is out of the office, I am in charge of the office.

This year has been eventful, although it did not start out that way. Business as usual was the mantra at the start of the year. Posts about life-read college (I don’t know what his problem is, I had fun)-games that he and his family played, and the occasional post about food. Ironic that on a week when he has gotten back into the kitchen that he has posted next to nothing abut the food he has been cooking. Allow me to say, he is working on New Year’s sushi. The gist was if the blog is not broken don’t try to fix it; i.e. Business as usual.

Business as usual quickly turned into what we around the office like to call “Yet Another Grand Plan” or YAGP (the P is silent), because every time the boss has a “Grand Plan” someone ends up YAGging on it and did we YAG a lot this year. Do you have any idea the logistics involved with condensing three blogs into one? Yes, I wrote condensing as my boss has no idea what consolidation means.

After the boss tossed the humongous stack of files on my desk with a post-it note that said, “Organize into keep and toss piles,” the YAGging began. The boss has two modes keep and toss. Unfortunately, he is never clean on what the guidelines that separate keep from toss are, which means a lot of my job becomes subjective. As a Research Monkey, subjectivity is not a strong skill. Thus, it came as no surprise when a week after I handed him his keep and toss pile I found the toss pile back on my desk with another post-it note, “Are you sure?”

Of course I am not sure. But I went through the toss pile a second time. And that was when the real YAGging began. In case you are not aware, our office has dry erase boards everywhere. The boss likes to write out, doodle, draw, and publicly plan out his ideas. According to him walking by and seeing what he has in mind is motivation to work on that project. Personally I think he likes drawing on the walls and needs any “plausible” excuse he can find.

This years YAG was a dozy taking up three dry erase boards. Categories everywhere with notations such as

  • Keep?
  • Toss?
  • Organize
  • Edit!?
  • Re-write?
  • Should I post?
  • What can I do with this?
  • Combine?

and many others in different colored dry erase markers. His YAG was to create one space where readers with a variety of interests could find all of his writings. He has this idea that because he can bring people with different interests together in the real world and get them to, and these are his word, “Cross pollinate, you know idea wise” that he could do that on his blog.

Pick your battles, does not only apply to poo flinging and with those words of wisdom, we (the entire blogging division) waited for the boss to tire himself out, saving ourselves from unnecessary conflict with a “man with a plan.” Did he tire out? No, he ran into some hurdles and walls, but our office dry erase boards are as cluttered as ever.



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