The Week in Food

Research MonkeyHello, I am your Research Monkey PHD. As you may remember from yesterday’s post, I am in charge while the boss is out of the office. Wondering what the boss has been doing while out of the office? He has been on a cooking and eating tear with friends and family.

Unlike previous cooking tears, this was a group effort cooking tear. The stuffed manicotti was made by Shannon. Barb made the bread which turned into garlic cheesy bread. The boss has made sesame chicken, fried rice four times (a favorite of visitors), miso soup for the first time (he said something about cutting down the amount of miso), and sushi. FYI, three people rolling sushi really cuts down on the time factor of making your own sushi.

The boss should return to the office tomorrow, until then enjoy the photos of food.

12435881_10153747397341280_785828626_n 12463758_10153747397321280_1318847730_n 12465231_10153747397361280_818305168_o 12468028_1042404119135043_1386608451_n 12476511_10153747397396280_677290523_n 12483647_10153747397291280_2059837691_n 12483896_10153747397226280_877666024_n


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