Guess What Mom? I’m Still Using The Forest!

Three adults trapped with three children decided that come hell or high-water that they would have one day out as adults with children before classes and rotations began. Our plan, escape to Mount Pleasant, see Star Wars The Force Awakens, eat Taco Boy, and visit Target or any store that is NOT Meijer or shudder, Walmart.

Neither hell nor high-water came to pass on our be “adults” with children day. Everyone got a good nights sleep or most of a night; children on vacation insist on waking up earlier and earlier each day for no apparent reason. Children are up an adult has to be up. Marshalling the troops we caravanned our way to Mount Pleasant stopping for cheap candy before the theatre.

It has been a long time since we had been to the theatre, but if there ever was a reason to go it has to be Star Wars the Force Awakens; at least for me who has seen every Star Wars movie in a theatre (yes, even Star Wars-my grandmother fell asleep). Thanks to a coupon, tickets were cheap. Thanks to the stop for cheap candy concessions were cheap (read no cost to us).

I don’t like have people sit behind me at the movies, especially mouth breathers and loud talkers. Guess what, mouth breathers and loud talkers. Then a tall person sat in front of our girl. That broke the camel’s back, we moved seats, where we were gleefully un troubled by people. Here is a question for people who have been to the movies since Cars 2 was released, when did advertisements for television show begin before the movie?

star-wars-the-force-awakens-mllennium-falconHere is what I learned from Star Wars the Force Awakens:

  • Yoda is green. No, Yoda is not in the movie, but he was on one of the children’s shirts
  • The forest is strong in one of the children who closed his eyes, held up his hand, and when he opened them the good guy had won.
  • JJ Abrams can continue making Star Wars films
  • Humor was welcome
  • Our boy uses body English during all of the vehicle scenes, which was like having a Mr. Toads wild ride sitting next to me.
  • Our girl eats popcorn like it is going out of production or she has recently got out of prison and when there is no more popcorn, she punches me in the thigh.

And that was a spoiler free Star Wars The Awakens review.

Post Star Wars we headed to Taco Boy, our favorite eating spot in Mount Pleasant. Examples of children using and having the forest used on them were abound as the adults basked in the glow of being “adults” with children while fighting off the impending migraine that is children at dinner forest choking each other.

With one last “Your forest is weak” from an “adult” snatching away a pop from a child we made our way to Target for a brief “adults” out shopping trip; if hitting the dollar section and massively discounted seasonal stuff is shopping. Being a considerate “adult” and the one who all three children feared enough to behave in public, I took all three children for a long tour of Target so that the other “adults” could have a mini-break.

Our “adults” with children day finished we caravanned home.






2 thoughts on “Guess What Mom? I’m Still Using The Forest!

  1. Smotch and I just hot back from the theatre, where we, too, saw the forest awaken.

    It is the only Star Wars I’ve ever seen in a cinema.

    Because, Harrison Ford. (The guy is old. It could be the last movie he ever makes.)

    It was worth it.

    1. Ankoku1331

      The Forest Awakens was well worth it, especially as dad watching his kids see their first Star Wars film in a theatre, very geeky-parenty-meta life moment. 🙂

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