Midnight Sushi at the Edge of the End of Break

Midnight, chillin at am pm.

Coolin, drinking apple juice…

-Ice-T, Midnight, OG album

Pop Quiz: What do you do or what would you do when you open your refrigerator and see, after one of the greatest food weeks in your life, a lot of leftovers that don’t go together easily? Further, you and your friends are craving more sushi from the previous day?

What do you do?

If you are me, you make sushi at 9:30 pm with a promise that sushi will be rolled and sliced no later than midnight. You also enlist two friends to assist you. Sushi made by one is a time consuming process. Sushi, made with leftovers, and two assistants is a breeze.

  • 9:30 pm after a quick rinse and 20 minute soak goes into the rice cooker.
  • 9:45 assistant finishes sushi dressing and in better fashion than I do.
  • 10 pm rice comes out of the cooker and into the pot.
  • 10:30 pm sushi rice has been dressed, folded, and cooled, thanks to assistants.
  • 10:45 rolling begins.

If you ever get the chance to roll sushi with friends, do so. I laid the rice on the nori, because I was able to make a mostly single layer of rice best. Barb rolled when she was not creating rolls because she has the most practice rolling, keeping the rolls tight and sealed. Shannon created rolls using the leftovers we had, which at times got creative, which is saying something.

Midnight SushiA sushi assembly line consisting of rice on nori passed to whomever had a free mat. They would ask what anyone wanted in the roll or if they had an idea, such as tamago, smoked salmon, and cream cheese or mango cream cheese (my own creation), faux crab (the faux makes it sound fancy), and leftover avocado, cucumber, and carrot (for crunch). Sushi roll composed, the roll was passed to Barb who would roll, press, and seal for me to cut (haphazardly this night) once all of the rolls were finished.

Midnight: I believe 10 sushi rolls and NO leftovers later, we sit down to watch Trainwreck and eat sushi.

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.


Tomorrow the kids go back to school, which marks one week before I start my last semester as a college student. This break has been way too short, but filled with more moments than I can possibly write about in one siting or even two. One day, I may share them. Suffice to say, even though breaks were impossibly short (barely two weeks for kids), everyone had more fun than we could have ever planned or thought possible.

While the kids begin their first week back, I will be spending my last week doing stuff I want, that does not involve kids, like…

  • sleep or nap or both
  • not cook food for them when they decide or remember that they are hungry
  • clean
  • take a shower free of interruption
  • use the bathroom free of interruption
  • not worry about WHEN my “kid” headache will start
  • watch something, anything on TV, that has some adult content and yes, I may actually watch some adult content just to prove to myself that I am indeed old enough and for the moment free enough to waste my time to do that…
  • spend some kid-free time with people I care about and not once have to say, “not now” or “can’t you see that I am talking to someone” or and this is my favorite, “if you are not bleeding and the limb is still attached I don’t need to see your boo boo.”

The edge of the end of break is here and I am looking forward to beyond the break for the first time in years. The future is…




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