500 Words At A Time: Let’s Talk About Sex I


Giggle from somewhere in the room

Another giggle

At this point I am rubbing the bridge of my nose trying to make the impending headacheslashmigrane stop or at least slow down. I am sitting in the middle of the lecture hall in one of the two human sexuality courses offered at Ferris. I am there, not because I thought I had anything new to learn, but because it was, as stated above, one of two human sexuality courses offered at Ferris. Based on the number of giggles each time the professor said,







…yes, giggle with a questioning sound at the end, there were many students in that room who needed this class and may not have been ready to have sex. Ugh, just ugh at the giggles. It turns out that I did learn a few things about sex or human sexuality from this class; just goes to show as much as you think you know a refresher is always a good thing and there are things to learn. That being said this class reinforced the problems I had been encountering prior to the class, in that students and some professors were/are not ready to discuss sex or human sexuality in an adult non-giggling fashion.

When I first arrived at Ferris I was writing about human sexuality and erotica on a now defunct blog. I figured, this being college I should be able to do that AND find some classes to take as refreshers, up to date my information, and maybe learn something new. Nope!

First, as stated above Ferris has two (maybe down to one by the time you read this) human sexuality courses-a more traditional “this is how it all works” course and a philosophy of love, beauty, and sex. This surprised the hell out of me when I learned this, why weren’t there more, if nothing else in the psychology department? Thankfully, the two courses that Ferris does offer are top-notch; I learned new material in both and found new ways to think about previous “known” material.

Second, many professors when you announce that you would like to write a paper about something sexual respond with, “You want to write about what? No, you shouldn’t write about that.” This in response to the first few paper ideas I had that tied into one aspect of human sexuality or another I was either writing about or researching at the time. Followed by, “That might make some students uncomfortable.” I was bummed is putting it mildly. I know that sex is an uncomfortable subject in US public society, and that makes me sad, but in an educational setting, uncomfortable should not be an issue or the reason why information is kept from students. Especially about sex.

I gave up on writing papers about sex while at Ferris and I was okay with that. I gave up on talking to students about sex, even in a casual fashion, as many were not ready and more than a few turned red in the face and left the room. Then…the student newspaper began publishing an “Opinion” sex column and I lost my shit.

You would think that I would be all for a human sexuality column in the student newspaper and I am, but not like what I read for several weeks before a particularly rage induced outburst got me to walk away from reading the paper. Sexual misinformation, stereotype, and cliché piss me off when passed off as experience and/or facts. In this column, a person without enough life experience was writing about threesomes, boys, and other sexual topics in the manner of kids sharing what they “know” about sex behind a school building. If this was dating advice, fine go all “boys are ick,” but this was sex and people don’t know about sex as it is, thus “threesomes are bad because my boyfriend tried to get me into one” is a personal issue not a frank discussion of the pros, cons, responsibilities, obligations, dangers, and fun of threesomes. When I presented my 3,000 word response to an editor, I was told it was too long. He may have been right, but someone needed to correct the information…just not me.

There is another 500 Words about sex and college…


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