Fried Rice Food Babies

12463758_10153747397321280_1318847730_nI have been a fried rice making machine over the past month. I enjoy making fried rice, but making good fried rice is a skill that has taken me a while to master. As people have been requesting this latest fried rice incarnation, a lot, I thought I would share it with you while I work on the next batch of 500 Words.

First and most important step: After you have cooked your Chinese rice by whatever means you desire, allow the rice to cool before storing in a covered container in the refrigerator for a minimum of 24 hours, but no more than 72 hours. Why no more than 72 hours? Our refrigerator for whatever reason turns the rice into little plastic pellets of grossness.

Ingredients: Other than rice (duh), fried rice only has a few required ingredients: garlic, ginger, and a dash of soy. Really that is the required ingredients for me. Everything else is fun and flavor.

Making Of: Into a flat pan, non-stick is preferable (at least to me), pour enough oil (I use peanut oil) to cover the pan with a small depth (roughly 1/4 cup).

Heat the oil. As a step-saving and extremely flavorful variation, you can use the same amount of fried garlic oil (homemade of course-mince 2 or 3 heads of garlic, drop into pan with a cup of oil, cook until garlic turns light brown, remove from heat, and let sit until room temperature before storing in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 month).

When oil is hot, add garlic, stir when garlic is fragrant, add rice in small batches to cover the pan. Allow the rice to sit, frying, for at least 30 seconds before flipping over for another 30 seconds. The goal is to let each layer fry until crispy, preferably golden brown and not burn. However, you are not attempting to do this in one go as you still have ingredients to add…

After the second flip, add in a tablespoon of minced ginger (I used, because the supply of ginger around here is bad at best, Christopher Ranch Chopped Ginger). Flip to incorporate ginger.

From this point forward, you can let sit and flip rice until you get the color and crispy texture you like or you can continue to add ingredients in small batches, witness…

I chop two pieces of ham into small squares and add them to the rice at the same time as the ginger.

I take a 1/4 to 1/3 cup of frozen peas, wash them off, dry them (the extra water from the frozen peas will totally mess with the fried part of the fried rice), and add to rice after ham has cooked for a minute.

I take cocktail shrimp, chop to pieces, and add the shrimp at the same time as the peas.

Near the End: After you are satisfied your fried rice food baby is where you want it, add a splash or two of soy. Do not add more than 2 tablespoons. Flip/mix to incorporate.

One last fun bit, I take two eggs and mix them together, and right before the rice is done, I push a portion of the rice to the side in the pan and dump all of the egg into the pan. Immediately begin to mix the egg with the fried rice until all of the egg is cooked.

Your fried rice food baby is done, remove from heat and enjoy.




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