I Hate Cats, But I Loved One

Yuki Butt 2I hate cats.

I am not a cat person.

Too independent.

Too…cat like, in the same way that people say the French are too French.

But, 17 years ago I met a cat I did like. I loved. How I got the cat from Florida to here is a story of it’s own. Suffice to say, from day one Yuki Hyo Richmond was member of my family. From his day one lice to his final moments, he has been a member of my family and as much as I hate cats, I loved him as much as any other member of my immediate family.

He never was a hunter, more of an explorer of the lazy variety. If there was something along his route from sleeping place to food or bathroom he would give it a look, otherwise the world was better off leaving him alone as much as he left it alone.

He never mastered the reverse round-house kick that I tried for years to teach him. However, after several years of getting to know each others he learned how I ticked and I learned how he ticked. He liked Doritos and beef jerkey, like me. He liked to nap (I’m told that is a cat thing), as I did. He enjoyed trying to take part in family games and knocking stuff off of surfaces.

He was a better judge of people than I was. Crawling in your lap was never a guarantee that he liked you, it was his litmus test, that a lot of people failed after he farted in their lap. Never failed, if Yuki farted on someone they turned out to be people to avoid.

He was a great comfort to Barb always sensing her moods first and acting appropriately…usually curling up in her lap or getting in her face or mine if I was being particularly obtuse that day.

He had no respect for keyboards or typing, walking across them to assert his need for attention. Speaking of attention, he knew when to leave me alone, a skill that many people never learned.

I could write tons more, like how we were told that he should not be allowed to jump from tall heights by the vet right as Yuki took a giant swan dive off the exam table as a FU to the vet or how we found him in the trash with a chicken carcass or how determined he was to get at the food in a container that he ripped the lid off and forgot about the food inside or…but I seem to have something in my eyes.

Today was his last day. We said goodbye and sent him onto a better place.



5 thoughts on “I Hate Cats, But I Loved One

    1. Ankoku1331

      Thank you, it has been difficult, but we will get through.
      He was the perfect fit, catwise, for me.
      That toilet photo was used by our boy for a poem he wrote for 3rd or 4th grade.

      Liked by 1 person

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